Light Sabors and Zorb Balls – Entry 112

Dear Diary

Things were very quiet on the Western Front after my last entry. Emotionally, it was tough. Not one word from Karate Kid after my explicit message telling him to leave me alone last week. It was like firing arrows into the darkness and not knowing if you hit your target…I figured that I must have though as he hadn’t been contacting me. Secretly, I really wanted him to ignore my words and confess that he cared deeply for me. Maybe he knew this time there was an element of bluff? I had to snap myself out of the daydream as it was far from reality. There were a few occasions where I stopped myself from sending accusatory texts to him to inform him of how cruel a person he was to lead me on. I also harboured an uneasy feeling inside that he may still go to the three group events I was helping organise over the weekend….how would I go facing him again? how would I act? would he even go? would I be upset if he didn’t go?

On Saturday morning, I actually met with The Musician for a walk along the water. Things are going well with his new job and he’s certainly settled in. I started to feel self-conscious the second time he mentioned his age. I’d forgotten that he was one year younger than me – does it really matter though? We spent about 1.5 hours walking and talking. By the end of the walk he had mentioned at least five times what his age was….I assumed that he was wanting me to volunteer my age, but he didn’t ask me directly so I didn’t divulge it. I was a little embarrassed to be truthful. Most of the walk had been casual conversation and laughing (always a good sign). I haven’t decided if we are just friends or if he is looking for something more. When we got to our cars he said it’d be nice to catch up again and kissed me on the cheek. I couldn’t remember if he had kissed me on the cheek before on other catch ups. The question now stands, when to pull the pin? it’s been months. Maybe we could just be friends?

Back to the more juicy stuff, the time of judgement came, Saturday lunch, when the first of three events started. It was bubble soccer (where you run around inside inflatable balls and try to play soccer). Karate Kid was there. I was relieved to see him but also confused – did he just want to play bubble soccer or did he want to see me? He was brave to show his face when majority of the people there were my friends. I pretended like nothing had ever happened between us. He brought his camera to take photos and films for us which I thought was considerate. On a side note, if you get the chance to play bubble soccer you really should! it’s soooo much fun!

At the end of the games, Mr Friendly (who was also invited to all three events) offered to buy me some water. I insisted on using the bubbler, but he insisted on getting me bottled water. Karate Kid observed the interaction quietly.

Feeling battered and bruised, we all parted ways afterwards to go and shower and prepare for the evening meal out. Karate Kid and Mr Friendly had both said that they’d be at dinner. I was apprehensive if Karate Kid would really show his face or not. I wanted him to be there, but wasn’t sure if he’d actually go….he did. At the dinner, Mr Friendly sat across from me and Karate Kid sat beside me, but kept a healthy distance. Mr Friendly (who I went to university with years ago) piped up that he remembered that my birthday was in December. I was flattered and surprised. He told me ‘of course I remember!‘. He then told me that my dress looked really nice and that my earrings matched perfectly – this seriously made my night. I thanked him for the compliment. Karate Kid sat rather quietly through it all.

At the end of dinner we were meant to sing karaoke….but I’d forgotten to reserve a room and there were none available. Karate Kid stepped up and started googling places for us to go. I was impressed at how helpful he was trying to be. Sadly, there were no karaoke bars with space for our group. He then suggested a bar close by with board games. We all walked there together. As we went through the more dodgy streets that I usually avoid, Karate Kid came and put his arm protectively around me. He’d remembered how much I disliked walking through those areas after dark. I couldn’t tell if he was being nice or trying to be closer. Mr Friendly kept back with the rest of the group.

We eventually found a bar and had some drinks and dances before we decided to call it a night…well, for some anyway. Karate Kid, Mr Friendly, The Lawyer and I had grand plans to go out to one of the dance parties – and so we did. The Lawyer had come along without his girlfriend as she was sick. Big update on him – do you remember how he seemed really interested in me and then a few weeks later was hooking up with his now-girlfriend at a party? She’s much younger than me (not that you can tell!). I’m two years older than him. He mentioned at dinner that for him, culturally, it is frowned upon for men to date woman older than them. His family would never accept it. I received this new information as my closure.

At the party, Karate Kid asked me to dance a few times. I tried to keep my distance from him as I couldn’t work the situation out. At one point when we were dancing I felt an overwhelming connection with him (pheromones perhaps?). Mr Friendly never made it to the party as his car got locked up in a carpark that closed after 8pm. He spent 1.5 hours searching for the carpark and then had to pay for it to be opened to release his car. The next day he asked for my number, he said that someone had pushed him into a pool once and he lost all his numbers from years ago….I’d changed my number since he last had it…but I found his story to be more believable than Mr Nice Guy’s story from last week.

Dance Teacher, Mr Spark, Tardy Teacher and Mr Nice Guy were all at the party. I had one amazing dance with Dance Teacher. Mr Spark and I avoided each other. Tardy Teacher asked me to dance and it was so lovely! I couldn’t tell if he was still seeing his lady friend or not. She wasn’t at the last two parties (maybe on holiday?). Mr Nice Guy also asked me to dance. I felt that he wanted to kiss me part way through one song – he still hasn’t texted me since asking for my number mind you!

There are two more characters from the dance scene that may need mentioning soon…make that three….but I’m hoping to keep them in the friend zone for as long as possible. Nothing noteworthy has happened as yet, if it does, you will be the first to know. Promise.

At the end of the party I decided to leave without saying goodbye to Karate Kid. Afterall, why would I? I struggled to put my Cinderella shoe on – the darn thing wouldn’t do up. Eventually, it did clip up. I figured I didn’t need to be too discreet with disappearing as he seemed to have gotten the point from my explicit message. I walked out and didn’t look back. I made it about 30 metres before I heard the words ‘Lady in blue!‘. It was Karate Kid. He had followed me out of the party. I stood stunned and baffled – what did he want? He asked me if I’d parked my car far and proceeded to walk with me to it. At my car he struck up casual conversation. It was soon interrupted by one of the three people that I referred to above. We all said goodbye to each other and Karate Kid said that he’d see me tomorrow (at the third event). I was happy that he would be going, but also uncertain as to what his intentions were…I know, I know. I’m just as frustrated as you are right now.

Sunday arrived and a barbecue and board games were in order. My assigned job was to shoo away birds from the cooking meat. Not one piece of meat was stolen thanks to me. Mr Friendly arrived early and helped with setting up. About half-way through the feasting Karate Kid arrived and joined in. We spent a few hours playing and talking.

Mr Friendly, Karate Kid and I had parked far away from the picnic area, so we all went to move our cars closer. On the way down the hill to our cars I was walking between them. A car came from behind so we moved off the road. When we moved back to the road Karate Kid manged to put himself between Mr Friendly and I. We joked about how I loved being carried at the group weekend getaway earlier in the year. To this, Karate Kid stopped in his tracks and offered to piggyback me…..I’m not one to turn down a piggy back. He carried me for a good 200 metres, maybe further. We walked past Karate Kid’s car until mine. At this point I offer to drive them both to their cars and they both decline. We hug goodbye and Karate Kid kisses me on the cheek….hmmm interesting. He and Mr Friendly then continue to walk down the hill until Mr Friendly’s car….I wonder to myself what they would talk about on the way and if Karate Kid would insinuate that I was off the market.

I find myself a nice car park close by and soon Mr Friendly pulls up with an unimpressed Karate Kid in his passenger seat. He had driven straight past Karate Kid’s car on the way back up the hill haha.

Near the end of the games Karate Kid invited me to a group dinner later that night. I’d already been invited by Dance Teacher and explained that I had prior dinner plans with a girlfriend. Karate Kid said that he wanted me to be there. He said to invite my friend too and to call if we could make it so that he could make space for us. Not a chance buddy – girl code. Dance Teacher also tried calling me that afternoon and asked me again if I was going as he couldn’t remember my response – still no.

As we were packing things into people’s cars one of our friends pulls out two light sabors from his boot (who carries light sabors around?). Anyway, we decided to have a play around. I wasn’t feeling particularly comfortable as I didn’t want to show aggression towards the lady I was pitted up against. I said that I didn’t like hurting people and that I would have to be angry at someone to show aggression. To this, Karate Kid said ‘Angry at someone? play against me then‘. Let’s just say that we had a serious sabor duel. There would be no prisoners. I belted down on him like a tonne of bricks…for about a minute….and then dropped my guard as I rapidly fatigued. I still maintain that I let him win.

Later that night he sends a message on Facey: “you looked cute all weekend…even when we had the light sabor duel”. Where’s a light sabor when you need it? I replied ‘LOL’. If he wants to talk to me he can text or call me to arrange a proper date.

No word from The Spaniard for the past few days. I have received some messages from Mr Obsessed (with my now-married friend). Apparently, the weather is nice where he lives at the moment. I have also received a random message from a blast from the past, The Radiologist. He said “Hey. Was thinking “I do wonder….how is Anastasia [incorrect surname] going?” Been on any holidays or had good experiences lately?” I decided to overlook the incorrect surname, it had been a long time since we last spoke. I was polite and friendly when I replied. He then mentioned that he had been to Asia with his partner. Random. A bit of background though, I did have a few dinner dates with him many years ago until I learned that he had a girlfriend. I promptly stopped seeing him. A leopard who doesn’t change his spots, perhaps?


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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