*Evil laugh* – Entry 211

Dear Diary

Today when I logged into Facey I found a very long message waiting for me. It was from the lying jerk of an ex that my Newly Single Friend briefly dated. You may remember him as the one from Empathy Rage Entry 207.

Hey Anastasia. I hope you’re well. I ran into KK when I was at work the other night, it was great to see him. I’m messaging you because I need to tell you my side of the story of what happen with [Newly single friend] and I. You obviously know I spent a month in Europe. It’s a holiday I planned for almost a year. I was so excited to meet my family that I never met in Holland and see the world. My first week I was there I was talking to [Newly single friend] like every day on FaceTime, and everything was great. It all changed of this one photo…..

the photo

She took a video of her smashing my flowers that I brought her the night before with her fist into the bin. I tried to explain to her that you’re overreacted and that photo means nothing.

So things from there just escalated. It went from bad to worse. She was literally stalking my Instagram account of who I was liking and screen shot it to me “saying you can’t be trusted anymore. I tried to explain to her you’re over reacting and can you please settle down. She also talks about my exes, I said to her I still care about them but they mean nothing to me, just as friends.

So the 2nd week of my holiday she blocked me on everything so I couldn’t contact her.

So I didn’t hear from her until a week I got back from Europe and this is what she said…..

convo 1


She really went out of her way to make my holiday a living hell, which is so disappointing. It felt like I was walking on egg shells and questioning what I should put on Facebook, and that is not ok.

Anastasia it just makes me so upset. I was looking forward seeing her when I get back but she turned into a insecure jealous nasty person. I know deep down she is caring and a loving person and This is why it’s so hard to move on…. because I miss her 😥 I didn’t deserve any of this.

I hate getting you involved but I wanted you to hear my side of the story!!”

Wow, he really does make my friend sound like a psycho. She can get a bit caught up with jealousy, I’ll admit that. Fortunately, we have now heard both sides of the story. Let’s ask some pertinent questions:

Hmmm why would he be contacting me when we aren’t friends? Is he trying to ask me to convince my friend that he isn’t a bad guy? Why didn’t he show me the messages of him calling her delusional? Why didn’t he show me these photos?


I may have forgotten to mention that Karate Kid did run into him two weekends ago. Karate Kid was at a dance congress and this guy was part of the security for the event. They guy said the Karate Kid that he thought he might run into him, myself of Newly Single Friend there. We didn’t know that he worked in security, and it turns out that it’s a new career path he’s looking into…..it seems as though my friend’s harsh words insinuating that he needs to ‘grow up’ had made an impact.

Karate Kid told me that they guy had said that things could have worked out well with Newly Single Friends had they not ended so abruptly. He didn’t say much else as he needed to look like he was not socialising on the job.

When Karate Kid told me this I had a feeling that he took the job because he knew that he may run into Newly Single Friend. I told him that he must have been regretting acting like an immature child and wanted her back. Karate Kid told me that I was imagining things and that it was just a coincidence….from the message above I think it wasn’t.

I haven’t replied yet. I’m undecided in how to respond. Should I tell him “Oh dear, that’s horrible, I didn’t realise. I’ll have a chat with her and see what I can do”….obviously, I have no intention of helping this guy. I could also strip him down with harsher words than why my friend used. I could also just never reply. I’ll think about it for a little longer. There’s no rush. My friend has truly moved on.



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