Patience and Coincidences – Entry 215

Dear Diary

I hope that you’re keeping well. There are some more updates to share with you.

I realised that I didn’t give you the outcome with Polar Bear that happened a few months ago. Polar Bear is now married, and he ended up marrying the ex-girlfriend who he broke up with in for over 10 months because of different desires (i.e. she wanted marriage and children and he didn’t). They got married in Vegas in January 2019. I must say that I’m curious to know who is making the big ‘compromise’ and only time will tell if children appear.

My again Newly single Friend is doing well. She’s keeping herself very busy with socialising, marathon training and preparing for study next year. The slime ball she was dating hasn’t come back into the picture (that I know of).


Last weekend, I went out dancing for the first time in a long time. I went without KK because I get more dances when he’s not there, one could say that he’s a bit of a deterrent.

Mr Smooth Guy was at the party. He eventually came up to greet me after about 15 minutes of dancing with other women, but hanging around my general area. He was still as funny and cheeky as ever. He told me that I’m hard to get hold of because I don’t respond to his messages on FB or text…’s true, I got bored of the cycle: ‘hi, how are you’ – ‘I’m great, thanks. How are you?’ – no response. So I just stopped responding to his messages.

He asked what was new and I mentioned that I’d adopted a dog. He misheard me over the music and thought I’d said ‘a girl’. He said to me that if I’d wanted children, all I had to do was ask him to marry me and we could have had many children together. He was saying this in a cheeky manner of course. He also said how I’d missed so many chances to see him because I don’t respond to his messages.

He then went on to talk about his family and what they were studying abroad. I asked if he’d stay in our Country (he became a citizen some time in the past 2 years). His response was ‘It depends on how you treat me‘. Cheeky, again. We then danced and like always, he was one of the best dances that I had that evening.

I ended up doing my Cinderella exit early in the night.

The next day, there was a message on FB messenger. I’ve since opened it (a week later) and realised that he had been sending a lot of messages through:

March 2019: “Trouble maker. Where are you hiding….again”

April 2019: “Anastasia. How are you?”

My reply: “Hey XX ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m well thanks. How are you?”

ย  ย  ย  ย His response: “Girly girl, Iโ€™m awesome Long time no dance Where have you been hiding

June 2019: he sends a funny meme

August 2019: “Just letting you know about a tango show I’m playing violin in on 4th August ๐Ÿ™‚ย [link to event]”

August 2019: “Hello there, never been to this one, heard it is pretty good. Few dancers from Brissy are traveling down to the Coast ๐Ÿ˜‰ย [link to dance event]”

This week: “Anastasia, Troublemaker. How are you? Nice dancing

This week: Link to an art event called ‘a love journey’

This week: Link to dance event

I will reply soon. Just deciding what to say and if I should mention KK. This Mr Smooth Guy comes across as a flirty player so I’ve never taken him seriously. The attention is so nice. I feel starved of attention being with KK.


This week, I decided to take action to get my Copper IUD removed so that I’m able to have children in the next year. When I went to see my family Doctor, she said that she was trained in IUD removal and that I didn’t need a referral to see a specialist. I asked how long the procedure would take – 10 minutes – so I asked if she could do it then – yes. It was just more convenient as it’s so hard to get time off work.

Long story short, it didn’t come out. So I got my referral and left. I did feel very uncomfortable in my lady parts and it wasn’t until just after paying for the consultation that I began to get really unwell and sweaty. I left the practice and made my way to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. I phoned my boss and told them that I wasn’t coming back after my lunch break….

Hours later, they determine that the IUD was sitting in the cervical canal…which is where it shouldn’t be. That hospital didn’t specialise in gynaecology so I was sent to another hospital.

The next day, at the next hospital, they Gynaecology Registrar tried to pull out the IUD (now the third person to try). It didn’t work. So she called her Gynaecology Consultant to come to try. For his attempt, they gave me laughing gas which meant he was really going to pull hard to get the IUD out.ย  His attempt was unsuccessful also.

Diary, I am happy to report that laughing gas does in fact make you laugh! I was laughing so much that I actually snorted….yes, it would have been awkward if I wasn’t off the planet.

After that fourth escalated manual attempt at removal, they decided that it’d need surgical removal. They prepared me for surgery and then I spent the next 9 hours waiting for my turn. My turn in theatre didn’t come that day because there were real emergency cases that were priority over me. I was fine with this as my life was not in danger and I wasn’t in too much pain, but certainly knew that the IUD was not where it should be.

The following day, they got me into theatre on the morning list. It’s my pleasure to report that I’m not fertile again, haha. It is actually liberating. I must admit that I felt a bit dis-empowered when it was first placed. Eventually, I got over it, but now I’m feeling subconsciously better that my feminine rights aren’t being suppressed.

Some friends have asked me ‘but what if you get pregnant before you’re ready? didn’t you want to wait until next year?’ I answer them with: ‘There isn’t much risk of that, you actually need to be having intercourse in order to conceive.’


And now for the MC update! MC was mentioned in the last diary entry. I was expecting a follow-up message from him, but it never came. I got annoyed thinking that he shouldn’t have reached out. I then put myself in check – he knew that I was in a relationship and probably decided not to contact me again because it was pushing professional boundaries. Fair.

On Wednesday nights, there are online group education sessions that MC runs. Nearly every session since his message, he has greeted me with a warmer welcome than usual. Before, he’d say ‘Hi Anastasia‘ and then move on to greeting the next person who entered the online platform. The last couple of times, he has said ‘Here’s the most beautiful woman in the community. Hello Anastasia’ย  and last week ‘Anastasia, when you grow up, you’re going to be an angel’.ย  I thank him for his compliment and turn on my ‘mute’ button. Mind you, Dear Diary, KK does attend these sessions to via his phone. He is generally sitting across the dining table from me when this is happening. He hasn’t made comment yet.

Two weeks after his message, after a session he announces to the group that he is in my city with some of his team that night and that they’d be going to XX restaurant in 20 minutes time if anyone wanted to join. I could have, but didn’t go, work the next day and not wanting to be a desperado after his message. The pictures of the night looked fun. I wondered if he was disappointed that I didn’t go.

During last week’s session, they mentioned a Christmas party session on 18th December, where they get people in my city to meet in person for the education. MC says ‘Anastasia, are you going to go?’ forcing me off mute. I say in front of the large +100 member audience ‘with enough notice, yes’. His guest co-host for the evening replies ‘Consider this notice’.

There is an in-person educational event on 23rd November in my city run by this learning academy. I will be going and invited a couple that I met at the networking events in September to stay at my place as they live in a neighbouring city. They also Latin dance, so we will be going out on Thursday 21st November to a popular dance venue.

It’s really too much of a small world, Dear Diary. It turns out that they are good friends with MC. I received this message from MC two days ago:

Anastasia – you won’t believe what’s happening here. In fact, I don’t believe what’s happening here. I am with my friend…..friend says name on queue…..and…..friend’s husband says name….hahahaha, now, your name came up in conversation and I described you as an angel….and..that’s really easy to understand, but what’s not so easy to understand is, what? you speak fluent Spanish? **laughing from friends in background** How did that happen?…friend says in background “and she can dance”..she can dance as well??…friend in background “21st of November, with you MC”…Far out. I’ll see you at XX venue on the 21st.”

Things just got interesting. I sent him a message back the following day, this time in writing, not voice:

“Good morning MC ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s such a coincidence. XX is such a beautiful soul. Really looking forward to 21st.

That’s great that you are coming too ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s going to be lots of fun. Can you salsa??

If you’re dancing too, you may wish to bring a change of shirt (it gets pretty heated on the dance floor, literally).

Wishing you a nice day :)”

He liked my message almost immediately and I haven’t heard from him since.

I have, however, been thinking about playing cupid. I know that Newly Single Friend and MC would likely have chemistry. She is taller than me too so wouldn’t look as disproportionate as I do when standing next to him. I’ve sent her a message to reserve the date and that I’d explain why later ๐Ÿ˜‰


In other news, KK has been very stressed of late. He is stressed about work and also seems to be putting on weight. We spoke last night because he was moody again. He says it’s because I make him feel like a bad driver……well, it’s not too far from the truth. He just needs to be more observant.

I think he’s feeling pressure from me that I want family and am driven to reach business and financial goals. He isn’t as driven or focused, but he is dedicated, reliable and loyal.


I’ll keep you updated with things, Dear Diary.

Anastasia xo

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