Dating Carnage – Entry 18

Dear Diary

There’s a bit of information to get through so let’s make this as painless as possible:

The lovely George has finally been in contact with me after a few months of not hearing from him. Apparently, he’s been overseas traveling the whole time. He suggested that we meet up, but he suggested that we meet up so that I can teach him how to dance……not impressed. I tried to decline but he kept insisting so I thanked him for his confidence in my ability and ended the conversation. What a leech!

Mr Chef (the one who works in food quality control) invited me out for dinner as our second date. It was very pleasant talking with him and I found that I enjoyed his company. He’s a standard bloke who leads a simplistic life from what I can make of it. After dinner we went to a bar and I bought myself my drink (I didn’t want to accept his payment for dinner and my liquor for the evening on only the second date). We spoke as we had our drinks and then suddenly he leans in to kiss me! Fortunately, I’ve had practice in this situation and turned my cheek to the side. He feels a bit embarrassed by the advance and settles for holding my hand instead. Talk about awkward.

Some very good advice that I heard on a movie one was ‘you’ve got to want to kiss him’. I didn’t want to kiss this man. I guess that answers the question as to if I should see him again. The date ended soon after the kiss attempt and I made sure I walked myself to my car. We parted with kind words and a hug. He did text to say that he had a nice evening. I didn’t reply.

There was a dance party on that I was going to and suspected that Mr Spark was going to. It was my night for sweet revenge. I put on my sexiest outfit – the short red dress with diamontes on the back. I looked like I was out for the kill…all I wanted was for him to feel regret. I do feel that I achieved that at the party. I avoided eye contact with Mr Spark for the whole party and made sure that I had a visually fabulous time with all the other guys that I danced with. Mr Spark couldn’t take his eyes off me. Mission complete.

Do you remember the teacher that I mentioned a little while ago? the one that I used to be repulsed by because I thought he was a weirdo searching for unicorns? Well, he asked me if I’d like to go for coffee some time. I’m no longer repulsed by him so I said I’d really like that. Let’s see how it goes.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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