The Tardy Teacher – Entry 19

Dear Diary

This weekend was my first date with the tardy teacher. You know, the one that I used to be repulsed by because I thought he was a weirdo?

Well, he’s been named the tardy teacher as he made me wait 20 minutes for him. It was kind of sweet in a way as he was stuck in traffic and couldn’t call me to tell me he was late as he didn’t enter my number into his phone. When he finally got a park he ran down the road to get to me in time. I don’t know why he didn’t just try calling me at that point. I was waiting patiently where he’d suggested that we meet. I didn’t have his number as he hadn’t passed it on to me yet. It was getting to the point were I thought I had been stood up and was ready to leave. I was relieved to see him.

We had a lovely brunch at a trendy cafe. I really enjoyed our conversation. He was a very intelligent man and I found it very attractive. He has a good relationship with his family and also has ambition.

At the end of the date he got up to pay. As we were leaving someone called out my name. It was a guy I had been out on a date with in the previous town that I was living in. It was a very awkward moment in that he was obviously in female company, I couldn’t remember his name and I also was on a date. There was a long pause before he introduced himself to the tardy teacher. It was a relief to say goodbye and leave (I was pretty certain that I was wearing the same floral dress that I’d worn on a date with the other man…..).

The tardy teacher walked me to my car and we hugged goodbye. I have a good feeling about this one. He seems like a lovely man and husband quality material.

The Chef sent me a message asking if I’d like to catch up. I really don’t feel like it to be honest, Diary. I will tell him that I’m busy on the weekend….I feel so bad about it.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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