The Waiting Game – Entry 17

Dear Diary

Two agonising days passed after the beach date with Mr Spark. I had decided that I would friend zone him the next time we spoke, but he would have to contact me first as I didn’t want to look desperate. Mr Spark beat me to the punch line though…..

Hi, after a lot of thinking I feel we are more in the friend zone. I would like to continue being friends. I hope that you know how much I respect you and I don’t want you to feel in a bad way about anything, for lack of better words. Hope to see you at dance next time for a chat and a dance.”

….what does it mean?? He’s given up?? Friend-zone me? Oh no he didn’t!…well, maybe yes he did just do exactly that and it makes me feel sad. Keeping my chin up..but also begging for mercy… I replied:

Hey, yeah, to be honest things never had a change to leave the friend zone for me because I was pretty confused all the time with the friends-maybe setup. I’m sorry about the cinema too. I’d never gone with a guy before. It was nice that you wanted to lean over to my side, I actually liked it, but I didn’t know what to do, plus I was confused as to if we were friends etc. I think I said a while back that ambiguous situation = default to friends for me. Friends-maybe just isn’t my style and I don’t think I”ll ever understand it, sorry.”

Mr Spark: Yeah, I wasn’t sure what the situation was as well. Anyway, no need to be sorry.

I’m starting to get a bit desperate now. Does this really mean that I’ve been friend-zoned and he can’t be talked out of it? I send a message suggesting that we catch up again but this time with the knowledge that the other is interested. A few hours later he sends back a long-winded message saying how wonderful I am and that he wants to remain friends, something, something, something. Pretty much that it’s over before it had a chance to start. I didn’t reply and deleted his number for good.

The question now stands – Should I delete him from Facey? Technically he’s not an ex, just a guy I had a crush on for years. Maybe best not to make such a drastic decision when upset.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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