Seeing A Different Side – Entry 172

Dear Diary

I did some reflection after the last entry. I was upset with Karate Kid, and justly so, but how I reacted was severe and a bit mean. I shouldn’t have told him that I didn’t want his help and I shouldn’t have given him the cold shoulder at my party….that was taking things a bit too far. Especially, considering how he dropped everything to come to see me on the Sunday night and still wanted to make things right between us. When I stood back and looked at the situation I could see how horrible I was being to him by punishing him. The poor guy was taking all my blows and still waving the peace flag.

He didn’t stay over the night on Sunday, only for a few hours to talk. On Monday, I woke up feeling guilty for how harsh I’d been to someone that I care about. So, I sent him a text message on Monday morning:

Thank you for last night. I am sorry for hurting you by being cold over the weekend. I hope that you have a nice day and aren’t too tired at work. Xo”

At lunchtime, he sent a reply: “Hahahahaha falling asleep…might have to flex…thank God it’s a quiet day :p we didn’t chat about your birthday”

How rude! he didn’t accept my heartfelt apology. Maybe he would prefer to talk about it in person. As for my actual birthday, well, we could discuss that over the phone. I sent a reply: “Poor raccoon, I’m glad that it’s an easy day for you.”

After he finished work he sent: “Hahaha able to sleep now. … are you working on the weekend?

Me (still feeling guilty for being horrible): “Hello cuddly raccoon xo I really meant it this morning when I said I was sorry. I shouldn’t have been so severe towards you all wknd when I reacted to the movie ticket situation. You didn’t deserve that treatment. I’m sorry. I work on Boxing Day only this long wknd.

Tuesday morning, Karate Kid replied: “Hello wabbit, that is fine. Just don’t do it again. I will be more clear next time. Unsure what time you finish today…. give you a call tonight.”

Don’t do it again? What sort of apology acceptance is that?! I held my tongue and Inner Voice spoke – Anastasia, remember last time you were overly sensitive and had a tantrum how unpleasant it was for everyone? It’s probably just his weird sense of humour again. Let this one go.

After work on Tuesday, I sent him a message to let him know that I’d finished work. On my way to my car my phone rang. It was an unknown number. Usually, I would let these calls go straight to message bank, but for some reason I answered this one. The call was from Mr Jay. He is the one that I mentioned way back in The Third Date – Entry 54 on 25 March this year. He’s the one who awkwardly interrupted my third and final date with Mr Not-so-average-Jo by coming over to say hello and practically ignored Mr Not-so-average Jo and asked me questions about how I was going. I hadn’t heard from either of them since that night.

Many years ago, Mr Jay asked me whilst dancing together at a dance party if I’d go to his work Christmas cocktail function as his plus one. It was last minute and he had a plus one ticket available an no one to take….I already had plans. I also vaguely remember him calling me once before, about three or four years ago, when I lived in the quiet city. He just called to say hello. He is an interesting character in that he doesn’t seem to know how to relax and act casual or confident around women.

During the short phone conversation he pretty much told me that he was bored and was scrolling through his phone to find someone to talk to….this wouldn’t make any woman feel special. I spoke to him for a little while about his work and my work and then told him that I had to go. Random.

Karate Kid came to visit that night and we spoke a little about what to do on the weekend to celebrate my birthday. He decided that he would take me out for a nice dinner so that I could dress up – it would be a proper date!

The next morning I was very sleepy and didn’t want to get up for work. Karate Kid insisted that I sleep in a bit more rather than prepare him breakfast and his lunch to take to work. Instead, he’d buy his own food that day. I felt a bit bad but also appreciated the gesture because I was so tired.

Mid-morning he sent a sweet message: “Hehehe wabbit, i hope you are not too tired for work today. Have a great day. The week is almost over! 🙂

That morning, I read an email that has the potential to change my life drastically. When I read it I was excited and anxious at the same time. I needed to respond promptly. I decided that I’d just do what needed to be done and then think about how I felt afterwards. What would it mean for Karate Kid and I? would our relationship survive or would he say that it’s best to go our separate ways? Maybe he’d come with me….

Thank you cuddly raccoon. It was nice to spend time with you last night. I hope that you found something tasty for breakfast.
Good news, I’ve been offered an interview for one of the Asia positions. I’ll likely have my interview tonight or tomorrow. I’ll find out today when they reply.
My friend XX had his interview last week and gave me some pointers so I should do okay. It will depend on the money as to whether I’d accept it. It needs to be lots better than what I’m currently earning.
There’s also a position at XX (on his side of the city) that looks good. It’s same level but should hopefully have more opportunities for me.
Lots to think about.
It would be fun going travelling and exploring with you some time. Xo


That evening he replied: “That sounds awesome. How exciting! 🙂 Yes, travelling sounds so great! So many things on the bucket list. Hehe.”

Did this mean that he would consider coming to Asia with me? Why isn’t he sad that I may be gone for a year or two? We would hardly see each other! I’m sad just thinking about it. Would he wait for me? I didn’t have time to think about it as my interview was in the next 30 minutes.

I think that the interview went relatively well. I was tasked with preparing a plan as to how I’d roll out services in my area of specialty and submit it to them before we would undergo negotiations for conditions. I spent the next two evenings preparing the plan. Karate Kid has been supportive and showing interest in this great opportunity…..hopefully we will find out in the next fortnight if I’ll be offered a contract.

Karate Kid and I haven’t spoken about ‘us’ if I got the contract. I told him that by working in Asia I could come back home with a healthy deposit to buy a home with and that this was my main motivation for applying for the opportunity. I have a suspicion that he may come with me and teach English there. Or maybe just come to visit me for a month or two each year. He did ask me what I thought about working for other institutions in our home city (this was a positive sign as it means that he wants me close). The other opportunity that I mentioned in my text message does seem like a good opportunity for me – all I want is more-life-less-work balance.


On Sunday, when Karate Kid came to visit we discussed how Shy Guy didn’t come to my party. I was still irritated that he hadn’t shown up and didn’t seem sincere with his unconvincing excuse and apology. What irritated me the most was that Karate Kid told me that he occasionally does this when he gets a better offer, doesn’t want to spend money or thinks that an event may be boring.

Because I was still upset, Karate Kid told me that he would say something to Shy Guy then and there. This time, I didn’t stop him, but I did help moderate the text. Karate Kid sent him one saying that he noticed that he didn’t go to my birthday party. Shy Guy sent a message back saying that he planned on giving me money for the party still (this was not the response I wanted, I just wanted him to learn that it wasn’t okay to bail on special occasions when you’ve RSVP’d as yes). I left it after this, it wasn’t worth the awkwardness on the dance floor.

I didn’t expect to hear from Shy Guy again…..but on Thursday evening a text message came through:

I got you a little something for your birthday =) Are you free anytime tomorrow night or Saturday? Can drive wherever.

…..What?…..I had my Asia opportunity plan to work on so left the message until the next morning to deal with it. What on Earth would he have bought me as a gift? and what would Karate Kid think? I couldn’t allow us to meet just the two of us when I am dating Karate Kid. Shy Guy would have to wait until we were on mutual ground in a public place:

Good morning Shy Guy
That is so sweet of you! Thank you.
I’ve got things on tonight and tomorrow and then I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my family.
I will be going to the dance party for New Year if you’ll be going to that?

SG: “Okay, I’ll see you then 🙂 “


Friday was a very special day in the history of dating Karate Kid. Whilst at work I received a phone call from front desk to tell me that there was a special delivery for me… was a bouquet of flowers from Karate Kid!! I was over the moon with happiness. The card read “Some early birthday happiness – Raccoon”


I sent him a message: “I love them! They are so beautiful! Thank you KK! You are so sweet! Thank you, thank you, thank you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo’

He replied: “Haha glad you liked them :)”

Me: “Haha not like, I love, love, love them!  I’m just leaving work now. Will be home in 20 min and will start getting ready xo’

That night was also the night that Karate Kid decided to take me out for my birthday. He told me that I’d have the opportunity to get dressed up nicely (as he usually dresses down). I made sure that I looked and smelled extra nice for him. I chose my stunning white dress, washed my hair and blew it dry into perfect position, did my make up and chose extra shiny jewelry.

When he came to pick me up he looked at me and seemed a little shy…I think that was until he remembered that I was his girlfriend, haha. He hadn’t seen me properly dressed up in a long time as I hadn’t had the opportunity to wear my extra sexy and stylish dresses for him. I hoped that this may encourage him to take me to nicer places in future.

As we drove he said that there were three places that he had in mind…the first option was McDonalds….not funny. The next was a popular Middle Eastern restaurant in a trendy part of the city which was popular for dates. The third option was for a very fancy restaurant that has a Degustation menu. He asked me what I’d like to do (he was making it obvious that he was considering me in the decision making process…). I told him that I’d be happy with whatever he chose – caveat: on this particular occasion – as I knew that he had already put a lot of effort into planning the evening and that whichever of the last two options he picked would be special.

He chose the Middle Eastern restaurant (I figured the other restaurant could be reserved for when he was ready to propose hehe). When we arrived there he asked the Wait Staff for their most romantic table (he had tried to reserve a table but they didn’t accept them on Friday nights). This made me feel extra special. We had a really nice meal together and then went for a walk around a scenic part of the city close by.


As a side note, I was texting one of my friends that night before he arrived and told her that he was taking me on a mystery date. She made a comment that validated what I already knew but that other people hadn’t really witnessed yet. She said: “Yay, that’s really exciting – It was nice to see him at your birthday. I feel like it was a different side of him – if you know what I mean and I don’t really know-know KK.”



Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©


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