My Actual Birthday Day – Entry 173

Dear Diary

There’s a few things to report from the day of my actual birthday.

Karate Kid was spending the day with me. I was doing some household chores outside when I came back inside and saw a gift bag next to the flowers that he gave me. He was at the kitchen table so I called out to him and excitedly said what I saw. It was a small, pink bag and the brand displayed on the outside could only mean one thing…!

Karate Kid being Karate Kid, denied that it was there and then pretended that it must be for someone else at the joint birthday dinner party that we were going to that night. I picked up the gift bag and hugged it whilst saying “mine”. As he came closer I would move away and protectively hugged the present that was rightfully mine. We did two laps of the room before he caught me. He then said that I’d need to wait until after the walk that we were just about to go on.

The walk felt like an eternity. When we got back I showered and then came out to find that the gift bag was gone. I confronted Karate Kid about it and he said that he had no idea what I was talking about. I tickled him but he wouldn’t talk. I then started looking around the unit….ah ha! It was hidden behind one of the chairs. I scrambled to get the gift bag and then went and sat next to him with large puppy eyes. He sad that I could open it.

Inside was a very shiny Snowflake pendant on a fine chain. I loved it not only because it was shiny and beautiful, but also because it was thoughtful. He used to call me Snowflake before he changed it to Wabbit. He said it was because I was unique. I’m sure that he meant one in a million but he’s not the best when it comes to words.

I wore the necklace for the rest of the day and thanked him for it, the flowers and the wonderful romantic dinner at the Middle Eastern restaurant. I said that I was very lucky and kissed him on the cheek.

That night, Dance Teacher was organising a joint birthday dinner for myself, Karate Kid and two other girls born around this time of year. One of my girl friends asked me if I was free so that she could take me out for the night. So that I could see her I asked Dance Teacher if it was okay for her to join our party – yes. I then later had a sneaky thought……she’s the one my friends thought there was chemistry with Nice Guy at the clubs after my birthday party……Nice Guy was friends with the host and a few people going… was time to play some Cupid. I messaged Dance Teacher to make sure that Nice Guy was also invited.

I should have explained the situation to Karate Kid sooner. Karate Kid is a bit jealous of Nice Guy because we have known each other for a long time and Nice Guy just knows innately how to treat ladies. Karate Kid is threatened by this (because he struggles with being s gentleman himself) but also teases him behind his back to me that he’s so nice that girls don’t like him….this is unfortunately true that girls tend to overlook the nice guys, but I have faith.

So, I should have said something about my devious plan earlier as it probably spoiled Karate Kid’s day a bit by making him jealous that I wanted Nice Guy there. And rightly so, as I’d be jealous of a guy that my girlfriend says is the nicest man in the world and sent her this message on her birthday (not that I let Karate Kid read it):

“Happy Birthday to the Anastasia of my world. You’re one of the few peoples birthdays I can remember without being reminded on Facebook! I hope you get spoilt absolutely rotten today and if you don’t you let me know and I’ll take you out to dinner and spoil you myself 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a kiss for every year plus a few extra for whenever you feel they’re needed 😘”

Hmmm this message was much friendlier than usual. Why couldn’t Karate Kid say such nice things to me? I mean, on our dinner date at the Middle Eastern restaurant all he did say was that I looked good, err beautiful. Then later at home tried to compliment me and said that he likes girls with long hair…….seriously? Now I’ll feel uncomfortable around any girl who has long hair. He’s meant to say that I’m the most beautiful woman in the world and that he likes my hair and my hair only. Compliments are what you like about the person – not what you find attractive in general about their gender.

Anyway, I replied to Nice Guy:

Me: “Thank you so much Nice Guy 😄 I’m feeling extra loved now haha
I’ll likely see you tonight at Dance Teacher’s get together 😊” 

       Nice Guy: “Perfect 🙂 I’ll see you there :)”

I received some other birthday messages that day also. One from Bear saying happy birthday. One from Mr Obsessed (with my now married friend) saying he hoped that my day was as lovely as I am (nawww so sweet!). The Musician also sent a message:

Happy birthday Anastasia! Hope you’ve had a great day and are celebrating well! Hope all is well in your world 😁

Me: “Glad to hear! I’m on holidays for a week so I’m happy! Hope you’ve got some time off and some fun Christmas plans!”


Let’s fast forward to a bit later in the day. Karate Kid decides that we should go swimming at a Community swimming centre. Just before we leave he mentions that Plain Jane Peasant Maiden will be going to the party that night. My mood drops instantly. I looked disappointed as I said “Really?….okay, I’ll try to be nice. I guess she hasn’t really done anything wrong by me”. This was true but it still didn’t make me want to like her.

On the way to swimming we hardly spoke. Karate Kid suggested that I don’t go to the party at all because I had an earlydrive the next morning to visit my family. I immediately calculated that he didn’t want me going as she’d be there. Rather than keeping this conclusion to myself I let it fester for half an hour and then said what I thought. He denied it of course. There was no way in the world I was going to abandon my post, if he was going to flirt and chase her I was going to be right there to witness it.

I wondered if Karate Kid had requested that she be invited after I said that I was getting Nice Guy invited. It was only in the car on the way to the party itself that I revealed my plan to Karate Kid. He was very enthusiastic about it which was not surprising. It was the least aggressive means of eliminating his perceived competition.

On the way, I also said that another of my friends was interested in Nice Guy but that I didn’t want to get her hopes up. That my friends had noticed chemistry between him and the friend that was going that night, not her. Karate Kid made a point of saying that chemistry isn’t everything and that it doesn’t predict the outcome of a courtship. Maybe Nice Guy hadn’t noticed my other friend yet….I thought that there was a not-so-well hidden message in there intended for me: yes, he has/had chemistry with Plain Jane Peasant Maiden but that nothing would ever happen. This didn’t comfort me at all, she was still a top priority threat…..

Plain Jane Peasant Maiden was already at the party when we arrived. I cringed and then went and said hello to everyone. She didn’t acknowledge me which made me think that she was feeling guilty. So I went out of my way to say hello to her and hugged her (most awkward hug that I’ve had in a while).

For the duration of the night I was acutely aware of who she and Karate Kid were interacting with at all times. He hardly touched me which was a stark contrast to him having his hands all over me at my birthday party the other weekend. Was it because she was there? The annoying part was that they didn’t interact at all! This made me feel even more suspicious – had they discussed my jealousy behind my back and agreed to not interact with one another?

What really got to me during the dinner was near the start when Plain Jane Peasant Maiden said her age a couple of times….I felt that this was directed at me to make me feel insecure because she was two years younger than me and knew it. It really irritated me. The thoughts going through my head were that two years didn’t make much difference and that I was still more attractive than her despite the age difference. I looked at her face a few times during the big trying to convince myself that she was ugly….but she’s just unfortunately not photogenic. She looks prettier in real life (but still plain) and she has stupid long hair which makes me feel more threatened. This really killed me on the inside. The only thing that I thought I heard that made me feel better was that she works in library (boring, but so perfect for a Plain Jane like her). But then I figured that most guys would have a fetish about this like they do Air Hostesses and Secretaries…..Why?!? Why was she even there! She was ruining my night! The world would just be a nicer place without her in it! I wondered if Karate Kid had requested her presence. He was just as at fault at ruining my night.

Durng the night, Karate Kid brought out the Piñata that was intended for my birthday party the other week. If you remember, I told him not to bring anything because I didn’t need his help and could look after myself….hmmm. Anyway, it was fun and I was glad that we got to use it.

Nice Guy and my friend didn’t interact too much during the party. I looked cold near the end and so Nice Guy came to give me a hug. Karate Kid came up soon after and also gave me a hug. This annoyed me as he hadn’t touched me all night and was only doing it to make a point to Nice Guy. I’ll have to have serious words to Karate Kid about this the next time I see him – he should have been making it clear to Plain Jane Peasant Maiden that we were together that night instead! I’m the insecure one here!


There are three more updates from that day that I must share with you:

Karate Kid invited me to a close friend’s house warming party early January as his plus one. He also said that he’d see if I could come along to a traditional board games event in the next fortnight that he has with the same people. He is close with them and they are significant to him so it is a big deal. The only catch with the boardgames tradition is that partners generally haven’t been invited  (more so because their partners haven’t been interested in the games). Fingers crossed I’m allowed to go!


Before going to visit my family for an overnight visit Karate Kid asked if I’d be taking my flowers home to my parent’s place. I had no intention of taking them as my family have no idea that he exists yet. Fair is fair, Dear Diary, I haven’t met his family yet and so have no reason to tell mine about him as the relationship wasn’t serious enough yet. I told him that I’d only be away a day, that I didn’t want them to get damaged in transit (in my car…lol) and that I’d given them enough water already. I wondered if he wanted me to take them so that I could show them off to my family so that they’d look fondly on him when they eventually meet him….


And now for the last update: The Spaniard. This is what he sent to me the other day:IMG-20171220-WA0000

It translates to: If the tongue is a muscle, I want your mouth to be my gym. I told him that I thought this was a clever play on words.

When I was sleeping I was rudely awoken by ringing. I was so tired that I couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from. Eventually, I figured out that it was coming from my phone hidden in my handbag. The ringing stopped before I found it.

On my phone were notifications:

“?estás dormida?” = are you awake?

5.30am missed call from The Spaniard.

“FELICIDADES ANASTASIA!!!!….🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉que disfrutes de tu día en compañía de amigos y familia…un beso enorme guapa.”

Translation: Happy Birthday Anastasia!!!!! I hope that you enjoy your day in the company of friends and family….giant kiss, gorgeous.

I was relieved that I hadn’t answered the phone in time. I was also relieved that Karate Kid was in the other room on the sofa sleeping. The next morning he said that he has moved so that he could watch YouTube clips without waking me up because I was so tired.

Later that morning I replied to The Spaniard:

Thank you so much Spaniard!!! Haha and also for trying to call me to wish me a happy birthday.

I’m with my family this weekend. All is well.

I hope that you are enjoying Christmas and that you have awesome plans for New Years :D”




Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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