Holy Crapamoley! – Entry 167

Dear Diary

I have a MAJOR update that I have to share with you right now!

I replied to The Spaniard’s message in the last entry….and he wrote back very soon after. The translated conversation unfolds as follows:

Hola Gorgeous. Haha he is Geko from the cartoon PJMARKS. How are you?”

He must be on holiday as it was about 1AM in Barcelona on a week night.

Me: “Hola TS! You’re still awake? haha”

Spaniard: “Haha it’s a bit late. I’m watching a movie, tomorrow I have a day off… 😉 👌. What time is it there?”

Me: “That’s great 🙂 I have the day off also”

Spaniard: “Great….enjoy your day a lot…Perfecto……disfruta mucho del día….😘😘😘”

Spaniard (again): “Before I go, when do you think you’ll come to Spain?”

This was the question I was hoping that he would give up on asking. I wasn’t planning on sharing with him that I had at least a month planned in their Spring time.

Spaniard (again, again): “If not I’ll have to come to you…👌”

Holy Moley!!!! Was he drinking? Perhaps, as he had the next day off. My hands were shaking a bit as I read the message. Would he really come? or was he just testing the waters? We had hardly spoken since we met in May/June of this year. Surely, he was just testing the water and would never do anything about it….but we did share a connection when we met and it was intense….

A lot went through my mind. If he did come, I’m sure it would be fun. It would mean a lot too….maybe what we had could be rekindled and maybe sustained? If he came, what would I do about Karate Kid? Would we even still be dating then? Highly unlikely at this stage. I had no idea where things were going with him and didn’t feel so bad about breaking up with him as he didn’t make me feel happy or secure.

I tested the waters myself: “Haha you’re joking with me, right? Honestly, I’m not sure when I’ll go back still. I am preparing to look for new work and so it’s hard to plan a trip. I’m still in the same job but am waiting for a good opportunity to come up.”

Spaniard: “If you won’t come to see me then I have to go to you to see you….it’s not a joke”

Holy Crapamoley with a capital C.

Spaniard (again): “The change in work that you told me about – I’m happy for you, you deserve the best…I’m sending you a kiss and a super strong hug”.

My hands were still shaking and my eyes were a bit teary. I was scared, overwhelmed and also excited – He. Was. Serious…..oh my gosh. But was he intoxicated?

I went to the bathroom and then came back to my phone. What in the world was I doing? What did I want? Surely, he wouldn’t come to visit me….

Me: “Oh wow, if you are talking seriously you’re always welcome. Thanks xo”

That is where the conversation has stopped for now. I will alert you to any updates.

For those who haven’t heard to love story with The Spaniard, I think you’d enjoy the read. It still brings up lots of emotions when I think about our time together in Spain. The entries start at The Spanish Kiss – 20 May 2017 until Adiós hasta… – 9 June 2017.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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