To Seek Entry Behind Enemy Lines – Entry 161

Dear Diary

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I sent a message on Facey this morning to someone who I’ve never spoken to before. I’m sure it’ll likely backfire in my face, but it is worth it in the name of truth and my sanity:


“Dear Plain Jane Peasant Maiden

I don’t think that we have ever really spoken out at dance events. You seem like a nice person, I should introduce myself one day and say hello.

This may seem strange me contacting you, but I am hoping that you can shed some light on some things for me.

I’ve been dating Karate Kid for a few months now, it isn’t anything public (as he doesn’t want people to know…which is a big red flag already). I know that you both have dated in the past. When I asked him about it he was really resistant to sharing any information with me at all. He kept saying that you guys are just friends and talk a lot online (because I told him that I’ve seen your name pop up on his phone when he’s texting beside me a few times). He eventually said it was many years ago, it wasn’t serious and that it was just for a few weeks.

The reason why I asked him about you is because I’ve noticed him giving you extra attention at times when at dancing events. Woman to woman, I am hoping you can tell me if he is still pursuing you? He’ll never admit it to me. I don’t want to compete. If he is chasing you then he wants you and I’ll graciously stand back and let you both do your thing. The man chooses who his heart belongs to, at the end of the day. There’s no point me delaying the inevitable if he’s just stringing me along.

Normally, I won’t go out of my way to contact past girlfriends…but I’m feeling really sick in the stomach as just yesterday someone warned me that they saw him being overly friendly and interested in someone a few weeks ago.

I’m really sorry if this email makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. I just need some clarity and feel that you are the best person to give me guidance.

Thank you, Anastasia”

I realise that I should speak to Karate Kid and not Plain Jane Peasant Maiden about issues suchas this, but I’m sick of struggling to get answers out of Karate Kid and only being given tid bits of information. I need clarity and she is the best person to ask.
The idea of sending her the message came to me this morning when I was going through all of Karate Kid’s photos to save copies of any with evidence to a folder named ‘Project KK’.
During my scrolling and analysing, I noticed that the photo of Karate Kid and Plain Jane Peasant Maiden holding hands whilst ice skating in March 2015 was no longer visible……he must have taken it down within the past week….smelt suspicious to me. I did stumble across another one of them sitting together on a lounge with his arm around her and her hand on his knee…..this was from August 2016….Did he say they only dated for a few weeks years ago??? Lucky I went snooping the other night, hey?
I also made a copy of the one with the other girl who was kissing his cheek in July 2016…just in case. She is in a relationship now but you never know. I may need to message her one day. Seems like there could have been a bit of overlap between this woman and Plain Jane Peasant Maiden….
The reason why I was snooping was because I wanted to know if Karate Kid posted these couple shots himself. If he did, then I would have ammunition to acuse him of being a dog for not putting photos of us up. Why was I suddenly so invested? Well, for two reasons:
– First reason – Last night I had dinner with a girlfriend who I haven’t seen for a few weeks. She told me that at the zombie escape last month that she noticed Karate Kid being overly interested in an attractive mutual friend who was also at the event…..she said that she had wanted to warn me for a while but we hadn’t seen each other. I knew exactly who it was and believed my friend as I’ve noticed him dance with this person in the past – notice in not a good way, mind you. She is a part time Model, so all the men love her. I may be able to beat Plain Jane Peasant Maiden in a beauty contest, but The Model….hmmm, I know my limitations (and so does she, as shes way out of Karate Kid’s league….as should I be as well, but there’s something wrong with me obviously). I thanked my friend for telling me. I’ve been feeling sick since… you remember when I asked Karate Kid if he had feelings for Plain Jane Peasant Maiden and him telling me that he found her attractive but that he finds lots of people attractive? Well, that’s all I can think about 😦
– Second reason –
There is one bit of positive news – Karate Kid wants me to be his plus one for a birthday dinner this Friday night. It’ll be our first official outing as a couple. It’s a big deal. But….he offered to pick me up to go together and then changed his mind as it’d be out of his way. He also wants us to go dancing together afterwards. He also wants me to go to see him perform this Sunday night at a party I don’t want to go to……He’s wanting to be seen as a couple and I appreciate it….but I don’t know if I want to be seen with him, anymore. He’s denied us for so long and hurt me so many times that he let go of my hand or kept away from me near our friends. By me presenting myself in front of our friends it means that I’m his (whether or not he’s sneaking around behimd my back trying to seduce other women is another thing).
I’m expecting things to go a bit crazy when, and if, Plain Jane Peasant Maiden tells Karate Kid about my message….I mean why wouldn’t she if they are such good friends? If there is something going on between them then she’ll get upset and be very honest with me. I’ll show you her response as soon as I get it.
Also, I sent a message this morning to Bear’s ex girlfriend when he was 6 years old. The one that was in the photo in the last entry. I’ve asked her to forward me the message I sent her because I “want to reflect on the horrible things I’ve said and done during my life time”….muhahaha the perfect crime. Will be interesting to see what she replies! It does make me look crazy, but it’s the only way I can get that deleted message for you, Dear  Diary.

Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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