Spying Mission – Entry 157

Dear Diary
I had a nap after the last entry and woke up with an internal rage churning. I hadn’t heard a peep from Karate Kid since he said that he wanted to dance with me last night and me saying I was going to the movies instead.
Why exactly am I angry? Maybe a side effect from the contraceptive injection I had the other week…..but more so because I need answers! Not hearing from Karate Kid in the same 24 hours that conincided with a dance event could only be duduced to one thing – he must have danced with Plain Jane Peasant Maiden last night and has spent all day with her today and now is in love with her! *rage!*
That….or he could think I’m being an emotional sook for not wanting to go to this dance congress. The first scenario seems more plausible to me during my fit of irrational rage. So, I showered, picked a sexy dress and put my make up on whilst stewing over Plain Jane Peasant Maiden the whole time.
As I stewed I also plotted. Would it be best to arrive for the social dancing before or after the performance hour? I wanted to catch them by surprise. But then I also had work the next day and needed an early night. So, before the performanes it was decided. At least that way I’d witness them arriving together and how many times in the first hour that he’d ask her to dance.
Exactly what I’d do once I had enough evidence I wasn’t sure. My laptop was dead so unfriending him again on Facey would have to wait until I could discreetly access it at work….hmmm maybe just the standard Cinderella act again combined with an indefinite icy cold shoulder would be sufficient?
A little voice inside, called Reason, whispered that maybe he was just busy and had not been spending time with her at all. They could just be friends. Things were going so positively between us…..but my irrational rage shouted over the top – he was a man after all and capable of horrendous atrocities such as cheating. I’d also seen when he scrolled on his messenger feed the other week that she was about fifth from the top…Anastasia does not approve of a friendship with this woman – she’s just bad news! I don’t care that I’ve made this judgment despite that we’ve never exchanged words – no way in the world would she be a guest at our wedding!
So Dear Diary, wish me luck. I’m about to head in to the dance floor. I’ll report back soon…..
Okay, I’m back, Dear Diary. Mission failed though. Plain Jane Peasant Maiden arrived soon after I did. When she walked in the door I just looked at her and sized her up, true to form she dressed down for the occasion. Karate Kid was no where to be seen….this was a good thing. But, I wanted to see them interact, especially the initial interaction. I kept an eye on her the whole time I was at the party. I quietly judged her from the sidelines when I wasn’t dancing and shifted my gaze when she faced me. There was another lady with a bedazzling sequin dress that kept distracting me – it was just so beautiful and shiny. I’d then quickly locate Plain Jane Peasant Maiden again and focus on why I was a much better catch than she was.
Eventually, Sensible Anastasia decided to pull rank and call it a night. It was getting late and no one wants to turn into a pumpkin when you’re competing against another woman. The only problem was that Karate Kid was no where to be seen – was he alright? Maybe he had been hospitalised after a horrible accident? Or maybe he was dead? But everyone who was his friend out dancing that night seemed okay so he likely was safe and sound.
I didn’t feel comfortable abandoning my post and leaving him wide open for her….but I needed to be awake for work the next day. As I left the venue, I hoped that he wouldn’t choose her over me now that she’s back from her holiday. But if he does then I sincerely hope that they have ugly babies together. I know it’s really catty and perhaps a sign of poor character, Diary, but it’s the only ammunition that I have….I don’t like being mean but I just need to witness them interact so I can decide if I should still feel threatened or not.
When I got to my car Karate Kid sent a message: “I will be there after 10pm. Hopefully you don’t leave before i get there :p” Too late buddy, this ship has sailed. He should have communicated with me earlier.
On the drive home, I debated whether or not to reply to his message. I was behaving like a brat internally but also wanted to try to be an adult. I sent the following message: “I just got home. Hope you have a fun night.”
I thought that that was a good attempt at a mature, non-jealous message. I thought that it was also a good sign off to end the conversation for the night. He then replied: “As in you left already?”
Okay, let’s try final sign off again: “Yes, I went at the start. Hope you enjoy it.”
Twenty minutes my blogging was interrupted by my phone ringing….Karate Kid had arrived at my place. I was surprised as I’d made it clear that I was going to bed and that I was happy for him to be out dancing.
When he came in he was irritated. I think it’s because his plan didn’t go to plan (I’m not sure exactly what his plan was as he didn’t articulate it to me). My assumption of what his plan was was that I’d wait for him at the party and then invite him over for the night….that, or he was expecting me to invite him over earlier on Saturday so that we could go to the dance party together – who really knows, Diary? It’s a mystery to us all.
All I can say is that I noticed that he didn’t want to kiss me. This raised alarm bells immediately – was he under the spell of that wretched Plain Jane Peasant Maiden? I braced myself, maybe he’d come bearing bad news!
As it turns out, he didn’t have much to say other than that I should have told him when I was going to be at the party. I said that I assumed that he’d be there and when he wasn’t that he was busy. After the dance work shops during the day he went home to sleep. I did find comfort in knowing that he came to see me rather than go to dance with her. We spoke for a bit and cuddled. I thought that he was being a bit overly emotional by not letting me kiss him…I kind of do the same but only when I’m really upset. It was really annoying in all honesty because I felt that he was overreacting. After an hour he left to attend the last bit of the party.
It looks like we will have to wait until the next dance party to observe them interact….
Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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