A Moment For The Forgotten – Entry 146

Dear Diary

I must apologise for forgetting to report back about the date with Mr Lady’s Man! It was meant to be included in entry 144 but I forgot, sorry.

The date was like any usual date. I arrived on time to the venue and found a couch to sit on and wait for him to arrive. To be polite I sent a message to say that I had arrived and where to find me. A few minutes later he strolled over from the direction of the bar with a beer in his hand…..

Now Diary, I just feel the need to vent here as this is one of my pet hates. I believe that it’s just plain courtesy to let someone know when you have arrived at a designated spot. So many dates I’ve been left politely standing at a front entrance and waiting for some guy who’s already inside and sipping on a drink. What do they think this is? Hollywood or something? am I meant to assume he’s arrived and then search the venue and approach him with a sultry “Hi there handsome stranger, is this seat taken?”

He had already bought himself a drink. We stood and spoke at the couches briefly and then with open arms he offered me the choice of any couch to sit on….this meant that he had no intention of eating straight away. I wondered if he’d suggest food later on. Eventually, I figured out that he wasn’t going to ask me what drink I wanted either. So, I announced that I would go to the bar and get myself a drink. He didn’t attempt to pay for my cheap drink….this was another big cross on his record – if this was a date he should be showing me that he can provide for me.

We sat outside and spoke. I reaslied that he had no intention of eating that night. I wondered if he was an alcoholic. This wasn’t the first time that I’d thought that, you may remember his message suggested that we get a ‘tasty drink’. To his credit, he has a good sense of humour. He was a little dreary at the start as he explained how he had quit his job a few months ago and wasn’t looking forward to job hunting again soon. This was so similar to the first date with The Musician – between jobs, week night, alcohol only (thought I got myself a marinara that night), and I had to pay for myself.

I decided that this would be our first and only date pretty early on, so relaxed after that. It didn’t really matter what I said or did because I didn’t care. I learned that he has read War and Peace but didn’t enjoy it. He said that it was a waste of time and wouldn’t recommend it. He would however, recommenced The Three Musketeers and another quirky book from the 1920s or 1930s called I Am A Cat.

We did laugh a lot. I think we laughed more at my jokes than at his. Near the end he touched my hand and knee briefly. This is a sign that the man really likes you. He also subconsciously mimicked a few of my poses and gestures. I thought to myself ‘Too late buddy, you’d already blown it in the first 5 minutes’.

Feeling that we had spent enough quality time together, I announced that I needed to go home so that I could eat and rest for the next day. He said that I should have mentioned that I hadn’t eaten…..I just assumed that a 7.30pm date would have food or snacks included. I also didn’t want to eat in front of him if he wasn’t eating. Despite me saying that I wanted to go he kept talking and we stayed for maybe another 15 or so minutes before I announced for a second time that I needed to leave.

He walked me to my car and put his arm on the lower part of my back for part of the walk to the door. My mind was going crazy preparing me to avoid any attempted kisses. There was no way he had come close to even earning a kiss that evening and I also didn’t want to confuse my dating life any further.

When we got to my car he said that he had a good time and would like to do it again. I smiled and agreed that it was a nice evening (I said nothing about catching up again). To minimise any chance of a kiss I got in first and thanked him and opened my arms for a hug. As he leaned in I turned my face as far to the left as I could so that my lips were out of his reach.

A hug is better than a high-five, he should be grateful with that.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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