The Calm Before The Fireworks – Entry 131

Dear Diary

It has taken a few days to fully recover from the other night. I now have a heightened awareness and respect for appropriate storage of perishable foods.

Contrary to my fears of Karate Kid being repulsed by my vomiting episode on Tuesday night, he still was keen to see me again. He replied to my thank you message with: “Lol….well I guess I should visit you more…. :P”. The next evening he sent a message: “I feel like kissing your neck atm….lol…” I was flattered but also well aware that he could be asking to come over – not happening – I want a date, not a booty call. It was a tough message to respond to – what was I meant to say? I waited until bedtime before replying with something that wasn’t provocative but showed reciprocal interest: “Hehehe I do enjoy your kisses”. He later responded with “Hahaha maybe tomorrow if you’re lucky :P”….excuse me? if I’m lucky? who is this guy!? I had plans anyway. I held my tongue and crafted a neutral message: “Haha! Cheeky! I’ll be going to John’s birthday dance party tomorrow. My housemate is away this wknd. You’re welcome to stay Sat/Sun night.”

It took until the next afternoon for Karate Kid to reply. I wondered if he hadn’t replied as he was also going to the birthday party…but I couldn’t remember seeing him on the invite list. Perhaps, he was seeing if he could go to the party also? or perhaps, he was concerned that I was going to another male’s birthday party and did know how to respond. Eventually, he sent: “Nice…don’t be too naughty at John’s night…hahahaha” . After receiving this message it did make me think that he may be concerned about me meeting someone at the party. It’s as if the message was a request rather than a joke in passing. Not wanting to feed his insecurities nor pander to them, I settled with: “You know that this wabbit is always on her best bunny behaviour hehe”.

The party was fun. I arrived late as I had been at dance class. The birthday boy, John, was happy and practically danced the whole night. I met his dog who he’d told me a lot about. There was really only one guy at the party who could be a Potential. I had danced with him a few times at different parties in the past few months. He came to talk with me a couple of times. A lady in pink came to interrupt us at one point to tell him something funny. It was a little awkward as I knew that she wanted to talk with him and I was more than happy for her to flirt away, but the dynamics didn’t work that way…..she kept apologising to me for interrupting our conversation – I didn’t care to be honest, I was happy for her to stay and take some of the heat off me. Anyway, he talked with a lot of people at the party and did come across as a Lady’s Man. Not my cup of tea, thank you.

Through Watsapp this week I haven’t heard as much from Bear. He last said that he was visiting friends on his days off. Mr Obsessed (with my now married friend) seems to be more miserable than usual. I suggested that he change careers but he thinks it’s too late to do that. No word from The Spaniard. If I haven’t heard from him by the end of this week I think it’s safe to cut ties with the plans to see him again.

It looks like this Monday evening I’ll be going on a double date to meet the friend of my workmate’s partner who has just moved to this city. Seeing as things aren’t officially official with Karate Kid and I, I think it’s still appropriate for me to go on a double date. I am a little nervous about it and hope that it’s a comfortable experience. I guess my biggest concern is if he is very interested in me and I’m not – would it affect my friendship with my workmate?

This morning Karate Kid sent through a message: “Morning wabbit….I’m working hard while you sleep…lol….I finish work at 4 today….fireworks tonight!!!! starts at 7!” 

My first thoughts were “Good. So you should be working hard for our potential shared future. What does this mean though? are we meeting beforehand? what time? should I eat beforehand?” We then sent a couple of messages and the plan as it stands is for me to drive into the city and meet him there at 5pm….not my ideal plan as it isn’t convenient for me, but I guess I can drive myself seeing as he is already in the city. I am irritated that he’s only come up with this shabby plan last minute – breath Anastasia – at least he is trying and maybe it will still be a nice evening together….


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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