Changing The Rules – Entry 129

Dear Diary

It’s never too late to re-implement the rules, right? Well, that’s what I thought. I decided to take a step back with Karate Kid and let him work a little for me. Last week I reasoned that two weekends in a row we had had a sleepover at my place and I was wanting something more – like a date.

I think what sparked it was when I was with friends the other night, one mentioned a nice restaurant that they had been to on a date. I hadn’t heard of the restaurant. Then I felt envious as I love being taken to nice restaurants. It brought back some nostalgic memories from a few years ago….I had way more men chasing me back then and taking me out to dinner. What changed Dear Diary? Is it because I’m older? or is it because I’m jaded and more cynical?….perhaps all of the above? anyway, Karate Kid wasn’t going to take me out to anywhere nice any time soon.

Karate Kid sent a message on Friday morning: “So wabbit (his new name for me…I prefer snowflake as it’s more chic – beggars can’t be chooser though)…what are your plans this weekend?” I don’t like receiving messages like this as I don’t want to disclose all my weekend plans with him (too much typing for my poor little fingers). Maybe “when can I see you this weekend?” would have been better, that way I could tell him when I was free. I ended up replying at the end of my shift: “Running to dance class now. See you after for the brainstorming session!” 

This particular weekend there are not many dance events on. He would have known this earlier in the week and could have organised something nice for us both if he really wanted to. Leaving it to the last minute is not good enough and he should not be rewarded for his slack effort.

Dance Teacher was organising an impromptu brainstorming session as he is planning to run a dance congress in 2 months time – for the first time – with a lot of money at stake. That’s why he needs our help as it could easily be a flop if he doesn’t do something ASAP. Dance Teacher had already told me that Karate Kid was going that night so I knew that I’d see him. He didn’t reply to my text, but did show up like he had said he would.

At the meeting, Karate Kid and I sat at different ends of the table. At least he was trying to cover our tracks today. My Friend of Confidence was there at the meeting and I wondered if she had been observing our interactions since I spilled the beans at the dance congress. During the meeting, I caught Karate Kid looking at me and he laughed at me for some reason. Dance Teacher asked him what he was laughing at twice and he repeated ‘nothing’ ‘no, nothing’ . At the end of the meeting Dance Teacher asked me what I was doing on Saturday night. I said that I had a girls only birthday dinner. He asked where and I said that I couldn’t tell him as it was girls only. In front of us at the counter paying, I could tell that Karate Kid was listening to every word. He offered to walk me to my car but I had come from dance class with The Lawyer. I wished him goodnight.

The next morning was indoor rock climbing organised by a mutual friend. There were only four of us who went (as it was a bit early for a weekend!). No Karate Kid to be seen. I was disappointed that he wasn’t there as I wanted to see him that weekend. About an hour after arriving Karate Kid showed up. I was so relieved to see him. He wanted to buddy up with me but by that stage I already had developed a blister on my hand and it had popped (pathetic, I know). Fortunately, there were bandaides around and after a little while I felt up to climbing again.

After maybe four hours of climbing we decided to go for lunch. Some of my friends were in that part of the city too so we all met up and had Chinese food. I made sure that I didn’t sit next to Karate Kid as there were a couple of times when he stroked my arm at the rock climbing place. I’m sure that our friends were curious. After lunch, he walked me to my car and I dropped him at his. He told me that he’d heard that I was going to a birthday party that night and I said yes, I was, and that it was girls only. We kissed and looked at each other. I wanted him to ask if I was free on Sunday…but he didn’t. He got out of my car and I drove away disappointed.

On Sunday, I needed to log into Facey. There was a message left over from a brief conversation with Karate Kid on Friday regarding the brainstorming. He had said that he’d post on the discussion soon…but never did as Dance Teacher set up the impromptu meeting soon after. I decided to respond to his message in a cheeky way “lies!” – soon after he wrote “I didn’t write anything as we had the brainstorming meeting” – feeling playful I repeated “lies!”  I then signed out. A few hours later I signed back in. He had written “Don’t make me come over there now” I felt that he would have driven to see me if I’d suggested it. I had movie plans that night so didn’t want to disappoint him. Besides, he was meant to be organising a nice date for us instead of just casual catch ups. I replied “haha. No spanks”

Diary, he never replied! the next morning I was a bit worried that he wasn’t liking the newly reinforced rules that he hadn’t been told about….could it be that he didn’t want to see me any more?  Was I too much work for him? Offended, I signed up to an online dating site. It was time to put myself back out there and keep my options open.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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