The Surprise Proposition – Entry 128

Dear Diary

There’s been a new development overnight. One of the ladies from my workplace sent me a message over Facey. She said that she knew of someone who had just moved to our city who was an eligible bachelor. He was a best friend of her partner. She gave me his name so that I could look at his profile and asked if I’d be interested in meeting him.

This was an awkward situation to be in. It was nice to be considered but then there was also some social pressure involved. I looked at his profile and noticed he was a few years older than me. He had an amazing smile and friendly face. He looked like he lived life. I tried to imagine myself with him (based of just these photos and a friend’s brief referral) and figured that I’d need more time to consider the offer. I told her that I’d think about it.

Today at work she came to sit next to me in the lunch room. I avoided the topic by creating other conversation until she asked me straight out if I’d looked at his profile. She gave me a little more information about him. He was good at business and was looking at getting into real estate more. He didn’t have children and had never been married. He was looking for a serious relationship and liked the look of me from what he could see on my profile. Hesitant, I said that a group dinner or group drinks would be more comfortable than a blind date. She seemed satisfied with that response and said that she’d organise something.

I must admit that it is flattering and reassuring that someone else thinks that I could be suitable dating material. If anything, I am relieved to know that others have confidence in my untapped ability to function in a relationship. I’ve been feeling a bit of guilt about my friend’s proposition as things are going seemingly well with Karate Kid. But technically, nothing is anything as we haven’t had ‘the talk’.

He had sent me a message yesterday morning saying: “You…..I spent last night trying to undelete that photo…that’s a spankable offense….” this was in relation to something that happened last week. The background is that at a games event a month ago I brought snacks to share, but there was so much food we didn’t eat them. I said that I’d bring them to the next event and Karate Kid took a photo of me holding them. His grand plan was to hold me to my word so that there was evidence of what I had in safe keeping. Naturally, I ate all the biscuits (what can I say? I have good taste in food). When he stayed over the first time he showed me the photo at the breakfast table and said I was bad for eating them all. I asked to see the photo better and he handed me his phone. I deleted the photo and handed his phone back and laughed. It took him a long while to figure out why I was laughing.

Underhanded? perhaps. I still maintain that it was in self defense as he’d likely try to blackmail me. To be honest though, he was doing me a favour by taking the photo as it reminded me of what I needed to buy to cover my tracks. I still have no idea if he was successful in undeleting the photo. I replied “I sorry cuddly raccoon! hehehe no schpankies because I said sorry hehe”  It was a metaphorical nah-nah-nee-naaah-nah response.

Diary, I’m starting to get a bit flustered – it’s only 9 weeks until Spain trip #2! I need to make a decision really soon about what I’m doing. I haven’t heard from The Spaniard since I wished him a happy birthday. There are so many reasons to go and to not go:

Money down – interruption to daily life – potential for confusing myself further if he is still interested – potential for heartbreak if he rejects me – risk of terrorist attacks – risk of wondering ‘what if‘ if I don’t go – confusing things further if Bear goes to Madrid – money down (worth a second mention as this is what’s stressing me the most) – risk of complicating things further with Karate Kid if photos of myself with The Spaniard and/or Bear reach Facey…..hmmm now that I write it down I think money down is the biggest issue…..I’ll ponder on it further.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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