When The Cat Is Away….Entry 124

Dear Diary

On Friday night I didn’t go to dance class…it was pretty much because I was too embarrassed to go as I had a small hickey on my neck from Karate Kid. I couldn’t find a way to discreetly hide it and couldn’t bear the thought to having to answers if someone felt the need to mention it. I wondered if I could pretend it was a bruise from something….but my brain wasn’t creative enough to come up with a convincing story. I was also concerned that it may still be noticeable for work on Sunday – I decided that I’d need to have some serious words with Karate Kid the next time I saw him.

Saturday was spent lunching and lounging. I used pretty neck scarves whenever out in public. My friends at lunch didn’t say anything…though, I’m sure they suspected that it was what it was. I did end up deciding last minute on Saturday night to go out dancing. The mark on my neck wasn’t overly noticeable and I reasoned that the lights would be dim.

The venue changed for this specific party so there were less people than usual. Karate Kid was at the party. We had a few dances and he gave me some of his coconut water during the night as I was thirsty. I’d been in two minds about mentioning to him that my housemate was away on Saturday and Sunday night….I really liked the idea of him staying but was it too much too soon? It would be so nice for him not to have to leave in the middle of the night.

At the end of the party he walked me to my car. After saying goodbye I took the leap and said that my housemate was visiting her sister for the weekend. This was an indirect invitation to come over. I was embarrassed when he still said goodbye as he needed to catch a lift with someone back to his car. As I drove home I regretted mentioning it, could it be that my invitation was too indirect and he didn’t understand? About 15 minutes later he sends a text: “are you OK by yourself?”. I thought about my reply. Technically, I was fine alone, but would have liked him to be there. When I got home I sent a reply: “Company is always nice. I would appreciate it but understand if you can’t”. I had a shower and got ready for bed. About 10 minutes later he arrives at my place.

It was really nice having him for the night. I made us a nice breakfast before going to work the next morning. He had a martial arts course that morning. I said he was welcome to stay that night also and he smiled and said yes. I decided that I would make us a nice breakfast on Monday morning too.

That Saturday evening Karate Kid had a birthday dinner to attend and I went to a group dinner. He came at the end of the night to join our group. At dinner Dance Teacher and Shy Guy were there. Before Karate Kid arrived Dance Teacher made a comment that he seemed different to usual and didn’t know what was up with him…I wondered if I had anything to do with the change in behaviour.

We went to a dessert bar and Shy Guy sat next to me. I didn’t order anything so he let me try his hot chocolate. He tried to educate me about Marvel movies and characters. It was apparent that he was obsessed with them.

Dance Teacher brought up the next dance congress (the same one I went to in December last year). He was trying to convince me to reschedule my birthday dinner so that I could join them. It is tempting….venues are much cheaper in January…

The topic of flashmob also came up. As everyone was in the flashmob no one was free to prepare the barbeque after. Karate Kid volunteered and then smiled at me – his look said that I would be helping him too.

After dessert we all walked to our cars. Shy Guy was educating me more on Marvel and Karate Kid came up beside us and out his arm around me. I felt uncomfortable as we weren’t at the stage of making a public statement. After a block of walking Shy Guy dropped back to talk with someone else in the group. Karate Kid kept beside me and occasionally put his arm around me. At the cars we all said goodbye and I wondered if Karate Kid would still come to stay. Obviously, I couldn’t ask as everyone was there! I drove home but his car was no where to be seen. I got settled inside and still nothing. When I was brushing my teeth he arrived.

Karate Kid told me that he wouldn’t stay over for the night. I thought it was silly as he could have just got changed and showered at my place the next morning for work. It was his choice though. I told him that I’d planned to make a nice breakfast for us and that it wasn’t often that my housemate wasn’t home. He ended up leaving at 1am. I wished him a safe drive home. I always feel bad when he has a 45+ minute late night drive on a week night. This morning he sends through a message saying that he was thinking about the nice breakfast that he could have had with me. I replied that I was sure there’d be another opportunity another time.

In other news, I’ve deleted my paid dating account. The three reasons were that I hadn’t been on any dates, I’d be mortified if word got out and I didn’t feel it was appropriate any longer considering things were changing with Karate Kid. It was worth the try at least!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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