Preplanning Damage Control – Entry 123

Dear Diary

Here’s an update on the Court situation regarding my rental bond money. I received a letter in the post from the Courts recently that advised me that the warrant for seizure and sale of my ex-landlord’s boat was unsuccessful.

There were two main reasons for this. The first being that despite four attempts, they were unable to locate my ex-landlord. The person living at the residence who answered the door on the fourth attempt claimed that the ex-landlord was undergoing mental health treatment so wasn’t home….potentially due to the anxiety related to being chased for multiple bad debts? serves him right in my humble opinion. The second hurdle was that I needed to pay a 2.5K deposit to cover the expenses associated with the seizure and sale of the boat: transport, storage and auctioning fees – makes sense! wish I’d known earlier (I still refuse to pay for legal advice as 1K is chicken’s feed and doesn’t justify legal costs). So, I scraped up enough cash and on Friday strolled into the Courthouse and reluctantly handed it over the counter. Fingers crossed this goes well otherwise I’m down 3.5K rather than the original 1K!

Now let’s get back to dating. Do you remember Bear who I mentioned in the entry They say history repeats itself on 29th May? Bear was my ex-boyfriend who I met at carneval in Rio de Janeiro years ago and ended up living with him and his family in Peru whilst learning Spanish. After two-ish years I fell out of love and ended it and we have remained friends since. Earlier this year I saw his profile picture on watsapp….I thought that it was me in the picture with him, but it was his Scandinavian girlfriend who looked strikingly like me. We have been texting every so often. When I was in Seville, Spain, with my Father and The Spaniard, Bear sent a message saying that he was at the Madrid airport coming back from Scandinavia. He could see from Facey that I was on the same continent. It was his last trip back there to try to patch things up with his girlfriend, but without success.

Yesterday, Bear sent through an interesting message. He told me that his sister had found a green notebook that was from my first Spanish classes. He asked if I’d like to keep it as a souvenir. I jokingly said yes as I thought it was absurd to hold on to something for someone so far away. I also joked that before sending it that he needed to read over my notes first to brush up on his own Spanish. He then asked me for my parent’s postal address (I’m not sure why he didn’t just ask for mine). He then went on to say that he could always hold onto it until I was in Spain next and he could meet up with me there. Curious, I said that I was planning to go in late November/December….he replied: “Sounds perfect! Great, well keep me posted so that I can plan my trip! 😉 “ … maybe his bluff wasn’t a bluff at all?

Diary, could it be that he wants to see me again? It’s been about 4 years since we broke up and maybe 3 years since we’ve seen each other. If he does meet up with me in Spain he can’t cross paths with The Spaniard – that’d be too much awkwardness to handle. I’m considering only seeing him in Madrid…..hopefully, The Spaniard doesn’t want to go to Madrid with me…..and then what about Facey? The Spaniard wouldn’t put up pictures of us both for sure, so that’s safe, but Bear and I are also friends on Facey and surely he’ll post picture…..seems pretty ris-kay to me. Unless, I could be upfront with The Spaniard and say that I’m meeting with a friend in Madrid….who just happens to be my ex….who’s returning my notebook from Spanish class… that believable? or does it reek of deceit?

No more word from The Spaniard. He did mention in his message the other day that we could go to the amusement park that he took his son to last week. I am not sure if he is just saying it or if he’s actually planning it.

Last Thursday was date night with Karate Kid. I made my first ever pizza from scratch – base and all! I was pretty proud of my efforts. A big plus was that they also tasted great. It was actually Karate Kid’s suggestion that we make pizza before the movie. I was hoping that he’d found a way to download Despicable Me 3 so that we could watch it on my laptop. I’d mentioned wanting to see it about 3 times, but missed it at the cinemas. Despite my hopes being high, I was wrong. We ended up going to the cinemas and there wasn’t much choice. In the end we saw the horror movie IT (apparently, he wasn’t joking in his texts last week)….it was as terrifying as I had anticipated it to be. I spent a good part of the movie hiding my face behind his arm and squeezing his other hand.

Important highlights of the evening were: during conversations with my housemate over pizza he mentioned how he wanted to name his some-day child the same name as one of his friend’s children. He also said that he would want his some-day children to work so to learn to value of money. I didn’t comment on any of this conversation, rather, I kept myself busy eating and preparing pizzas for the oven. He mentioned the flashmob….it seemed like a big hint….that he was too lazy to do the routine as it’s too late and that he’d rather freestyle on the day….I didn’t comment. I’d given him instructions to find someone else to do it with (I wasn’t paying for the privilege of dancing for 5 minutes in public nor buying an ugly shirt that I’d never wear again).

Another significant development to note was that after the movie things took a more intimate turn than usual. For me, things kind of still feel the same between us but only time will truly tell. It wasn’t as great an experience as one would have hoped for. To be brutally honest, if things don’t work out I don’t think I’d be missing out on too much. I haven’t heard from him since apart from him saying he was extremely tired the next day (attributable to leaving my place at 2.30am). I think I’ll just leave things be and see what happens. He may be going to a dinner that I’ll be going to on Sunday evening. He may also be out dancing on Saturday evening….if I decide to go is another thing.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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