State of Emergency – Battalions at the ready – Entry 116

Dear Diary

I don’t like receiving messages like: “Let’s chat tonight. There are some things I want to discuss ”. They make me feel apprehensive. Am I not privy to the agenda beforehand so that I can at least prepare myself or can decide if my attendance is required? I much prefer meetings where attendance is optional. I mean, I would be more than happy receiving the minutes afterwards to peruse at my leisure.

I find it ironic that Karate Kid is now wanting to talk seriously when I’ve wanted to in the past and he hasn’t cooperated. The drawbridge to this enchanted castle was declared closed yesterday – does he not appreciate how much man power is involved turning the cog wheels to reopen it?

I’m in a mild state of panic as I’m not sure what to expect. What does he want to discuss? Does he want to tell me that he’s chosen Plain Jane peasant maiden? Because I don’t want to hear it. If that’s the case, I’ll have my archers ready with flaming arrows atop the castle walls. It may be worth setting up the catapults or even investing in cannons. Hmmm what about cauldrons of burning oil? Maybe a bit too much, we just want to scare him afterall, not maim him.

I think it’s worth asking for the agenda items so that I’ve at least got time to prepare myself. When it comes to dating I’m not good at making decisions on the spot.

What if he wants to negotiate terms of dating? I don’t even know what I want from him. I don’t know if I can trust that he has noble intentions.

Does he want to discuss how I act like I’m single out and about? Because I see myself as single, especially after our discussion last month (Rhetorical Questions – entry 104). I’m more than entitled to keep my options open.


I’ll keep you posted, Dear Diary. Wish me luck *puts battle armour on*


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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