Dating Treason – Entry 115

Dear Diary

This Queen refuses to move from her throne for any man. They must come to her. This Queen also enforces strict dating laws for Potentials to adhere to if they wish to maintain diplomacy for entry to her kingdom. Karate Kid has committed treason and the Queen is unforgiving…at least until she gets over it in a month or so and forgets why she was angry in the first place. But this time, I don’t think she will.

Let’s rewind to Saturday morning. You may remember that he sent through a surprisingly nice message:

β€œThank you beatiful, it indeed did. πŸ™‚ There is still plenty to share…. πŸ˜‰ ”

Well, seeing as I didn’t know how to reply I didn’t. He then sent through a message on Sunday morning:

β€œCome out dancing tonight.”

I was already planning on going. Feeling the need to approach the situation with caution I waited five hours before replying:

β€œI’ll be going for a bit”

At the party he gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek at the door. I went to the other side of the room and put my dance shoes on. The number of men outweighed woman which meant I’d be dancing all night.

There were three highlights. One being a confident American guy who asked me to dance. It was the first time that I’d ever seen him (or perhaps noticed him). I knew the song that we were dancing to so sang along to it. At the end he held my waist, smiled his amazing smile and told me that he thoroughly enjoyed the dance. He held me for too long to be honest, I was leaning back as we would have practically been kissing if I hadn’t been. The look on his face was as if he wanted to kiss me. I could see Karate Kid dancing with someone from my peripheral vision. I didn’t want to deal with his jealousy. When the smiley American leant in to hug me he gave me a kiss on the cheek (it wasn’t a peck-kiss, it was a kiss-kiss). I promptly distanced myself from him.

Later on the smiley American made sure that he said goodbye to me. He said that he had to thank me because he had had the song I was singing stuck in his head all weekend before the party…..was he just saying it to play me? Or was he serious? I smiled and wished him a nice week. I’m curious to know if he’ll pursue anything with me. It really felt like he wanted to kiss me again.

The second highlight was not a shining moment for me. At each party they do a birthday dance for anyone who is having a birthday around that time. The birthday person/people stand in the centre while people walk around in a big circle and cut in one by one to dance with the birthday people. In essence, you get to dance with everyone. I avoid participating in this like the plague. I don’t like it and I get stressed with when to cut in and the fact that everyone is watching Β (but I’m fine with performing….go figure). Anyway, Shy Guy was sitting next to me when they announced the birthday dance that evening. Usually, I disappear to the sides. He grabbed my hands though and wouldn’t let me go. Karate Kid saw the struggle and came over to assist – Shy Guy that is, not me! He pulled my arms saying that I needed to get up to join in. I slumped in the chair and he pulled me off onto the ground. He and Shy Guy felt bad seeing me on the floor. He then tried to pick me up and I executed the toddler dead weight move whereby you go floppy so it’s harder to pick you up. Immature I know, and maybe not the best decision I’ve ever made under pressure. Anyway, Dance Teacher comes over and pulls me up and tries to push me into the circle. I keep walking and go find a seat far away.

After a dance with one of the birthday people Karate Kid comes over to find me. He still tries to convince me to get up and I protest. Seriously people, who cares if I join in or not? I’m obviously not comfortable and never have been. Forcing me to won’t help the situation. On reflection, next time I’ll just walk around in the circle once or twice and then sit down….like an adult.

The third noteworthy observation from the party was Karate Kid’s interaction with Plain Jane. Do you remember me mentioning her a couple of weeks ago? She’s the one my friend of confidence told me that he’d had something with a year or so ago. She arrived an hour after me to the party and he stuck to her like glue. He was the first to dance with her and I felt that if given the chance he’d be with her romantically….yes, Diary, I’ll admit that I’m jealous of Plain Jane. I’m at least mature enough to admit to jealousy….but also immature enough to perform a toddler dead weight trick….on the same night.

So, the update is that Plain Jane is going away on holidays for nine weeks (nine weeks too short if you ask me. Does she really have to come back?). You’d think that I’d be pleased with this news but I am so threatened by her that I know that Karate Kid will be excited to see her when she gets back and chase her. Anastasia does not come second to anyone. She does not compete for the affection of any man. Ever.

I avoided Karate Kid for the night and she stayed close to him for most of it (have some self respect sister). I told myself that I didn’t care (let’s just believe that for a moment, shall we?). Besides, there was an oversupply of men to keep me occupied with dancing that night. So my reignited hope for a reformed Karate Kid quickly changed to disillusion. I didn’t try hard to perform my Cinderella act that night. I said goodbye to a few people and knew he saw me. He was busy packing up, but still! He walked past me when I was hugging someone goodbye so I decided to keep walking. He didn’t follow. I was fuming about Plain Jane on my way home. The reality of the situation is that she is the one that got away for him and she’ll always be his preferred option. Game over.

An hour after I got home he sent a message:

β€œStop leaving without saying goodbye”

I did feel a bit remorseful as he had seemed genuine in his messages over the weekend. I also didn’t want his tit-for-tat messaging to start so I replied a simple:

β€œI’m sorry” I then turned over and went to bed. Was it worth blocking his number so that he couldn’t terrorize me any further?

The next morning I woke up to his response that he’d sent close to midnight:

β€œI think that leaving without saying goodbye is a spankable offence”

Oh no, no, no. We are not going back down this road again. How dare he show me disrespect. He can keep his preferred Plain Jane peasant maiden as this enchanted castle is closed for business. I nipped it in the bud with:

β€œThat’s not happening”

He replied immediately with:

β€œHaha I know it’s not happening…that’s why I said it”

Sure, sure, I’ve heard that before. He’s obviously testing the waters. The great thing is his message doesn’t require a reply so I’m not going to. Instead, I’ll let the jealous anger fester inside me and resent his measly existence.

Dear Diary, I think it’s time to get back out there and start dating online to expand the dating pool. I think it’ll be good for my mental health…potentially bad also, but worth the gamble.


Image:Β [Jana Gouthova] Β©

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