The Spaniard is Safe in Barcelona – Entry 114

Dear Diary

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the terrorist attacks happening in Barcelona. It is unnerving knowing that I was just there with my Father in May/June. We walked along La Rambla a few times…. The good news is The Spaniard and his loved ones are safe and sound. I sent him a message yesterday to check in on him. He’s very upset with what has happened and even used some profanities which I won’t subject you to. Hopefully, no more attacks happen. They seem to occur in clusters though. I still have my accommodation and flights booked for Barcelona in November…I wish I’d purchased travel insurance at the time. If things really go downhill I won’t be covered if I buy travel insurance now. I’ve still got time to decide whether or not I’ll go.

Yesterday I received a notification that someone had showed interest in my profile on the paid dating website. I’d been in two minds about deleting my profile on there as I haven’t had much success. Curious, I had a look at the profile of this ‘Jessie9’. He is a middle aged man in a nearby city who’s ideal first date is dinner at his place and ‘see what happens after’….hmmm. Not my cup of tea. Did he not understand that part in my profile that clearly says I’m only interested in providing my company for fine dining, productions and as a plus one to events (i.e. functions or weddings)?

I now have two options: over-quote him and then make it clear I expect a nice dinner in a public place convenient for me, or, reject/ignore his offer. I alsohad a quick look at who had been viewing my profile recently. The Millionaire has looked at my profile one more time after the other week (One Night, Two Parties – entry 103). There is another man who has looked at my file about 8 times in the past two months, I wonder if he’s waiting for me to send him an offer? or if he’s just unsure. It could well be that he can’t send me an offer as he has already ‘favourited’ me….hmmm, I might log back on soon and see later.

Every now and again I’ve been thinking about my rebound options. The Brazilian has invited me to a couple of events on Facey of recent…I haven’t seen him since he tried to steal the kiss (again, in entry 103 – One Night, Two Parties). He seems like a nice enough guy, but Brazilians do have a reputation for infidel tendencies. Mr Nice Guy is also a good option, I mean, he bought me water and gave me nice compliments last weekend. We have known each other for maybe 10 years and he’s simply just a nice guy. Shy Guy is another option…though, I don’t know about him. He hasn’t sent me a text since he asked for my number…but it could be because of Karate Kid ‘marking’ me as his out on the dance scene. The Musician is too casual at this stage, I don’t think he’s looking for anything serious. There’s also Secret Admirer – joking! – it’s not going to happen, ever.

So, following on from the last post, Karate Kid finally gave me the link to post the videos from zorb soccer (again, I don’t know why he couldn’t have posted it himself). I could only access one out of the videos but didn’t want to wait any longer so posted it on it’s own. This happened just before going to work on Friday morning. A few minutes later he sends me a text message to my mobile:

Good morning girl, the youtube link should work now. Maybe edit your post when you get home.

It has always irritated me to no end when he addresses me as ‘girl’. I ignore this message and log on to try to rectify the post. I didn’t actually need to do anything as each video clip ran into the next on a continuum. I did post a special thank you to him on the comments section “Thank you KK for being the camerman. Love the commentary.” I then log out.

It still irritated me greatly that he had addressed me as ‘girl’. I decide to send him a message back as a sign of protest:

Thanks stinky boy!

It felt like a good idea at the time. I then leave for work and as I drive I start to feel bad about my snappy text. Maybe I was a bit harsh.  He had been trying to be nice after all. And, knowing how sensitive he is it would likely provoke him to be a jerk in some way towards me. So, after some reflection, I decide to send a follow up message (breaking my rule of not double texting):

P.s. I’m glad that your Mother got her kidney transplant. I bet it changed your family’s world completely. Thank you for sharing with me. Time for work now. Happy Friday.

I didn’t mention that at the barbecue last weekend he had said to me that you should always answer your phone. He said that there were two instances when he was so glad that he answered the phone to an unknown number; one just this week when he found out that he got the position he interviewed for, and two, when he got the phone call that his Mother had a donor kidney. If he hadn’t had answered the phone call his Mother would have missed out…. Our conversation was interrupted at that moment and we never continued on with it.

I didn’t hear from him for the rest of the day. I felt a bit deflated as I couldn’t understand what he was up to trying to continue communications with me. I reflected on our time together and resented him for not cherishing me and opening up so that we could get to know each other when there was the opportunity. I mean, the story about his Mother could have been shared much earlier! that’s the sort of thing you share with someone you are trying to get close to, so that they understand you more. It just demonstrated further to me how disinterested he must have been in actually dating me when he had the chance for all those months.

The next morning I get up early to exercise. Still contemplating the notion of a rebound guy a message comes through from a familiar number:

Thank you beatiful, it indeed did. 🙂 There is still plenty to share…. 😉

I had to double take on who sent the message – Karate Kid has never called me beautiful! so much so that he doesn’t even know how to spell it correctly! It sounded more like something The Dance Teacher would say, but no, it definitely was sent from Karate Kid…

To be honest, it made me feel relieved inside that he was actually showing positive signs of rehabilitation. I still am not sure how to respond to his message. I had originally thought that I wouldn’t be seeing him for over a week when I sent the heartfelt message, but was wrong. There is actually a dance party on Sunday evening which he’ll likely be going to.

Going back to the last entry…I was considering a rebound if sufficient boxes were ticked…technically though, Karate Kid isn’t a rebound when he’s the one that’s causing the emotional suffering…so, I will not be forcing myself to be open to committing to anything with him. Instead, I shall proceed with caution. But maybe it is better to explore other options Diary? I mean, there are other men out there that would likely be great rebounds.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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