Shark in the Dating Pool – Entry 101

Dear Diary

Interesting update regarding the paid dating website for you. You’ll never guess who has looked at my profile last week! Do you remember The Millionaire who I mentioned in my first entry? The one that was pursuing me but with the offer of an open relationship? Well yes, you guessed it, it was him.

Talk about squirming with awkwardness when I saw it. The thing is we sometimes see each other out and about at different dance events. For the past year he has been dating a lady who I’d never seen before but who appears to know how to dance. She is always dressed nicely and I’d seen some posts on Facey of them together looking really happy. The last I recall seeing was some time last year reading “Oh XXXX, what a wonderful surprise! At the airport now. Where are we jetting off to?”. I wonder if they met on the same website? That’s of little interest to me right now to be frank. I’m more concerned about if he starts telling people we know that I’m on the site. But, I guess the safeguard is that he would then be incriminating himself….he seems too intelligent of a man to do such a thing.

The question also stands – what do I do if he ever invites me for dinner? technically, we are friends and have each others’ numbers. We have also eaten a few meals out together in the past. But seeing as we are both on this site and I’m advertising that I’m hiring my wonderful company in exchange for money, fine dining and entertainment, should I be expecting this from him? To be honest, I really don’t think this hypothetical situation will ever happen. It it does I’ll be sure to share.

The reason why I went onto the site was because last week someone had sent me a wink. Perhaps, they were offended by my tardiness as their profile is no longer visible to me. It is at least reassuring that the site isn’t broken. I’ll keep waiting patiently.

Yesterday I received a message from The Musician apologising for not getting in contact to catch up over the weekend. Apparently, he’d had a busy week. He is still keen to catch up again. It’ll have to be some time after this coming weekend as I’m away for a dance congress.

Speaking of which, Karate Kid did try to call me last Sunday evening after I sent my message. To refresh your memory it read “Hey, don’t worry about me for the Congress . I’ll look after myself. Hope you guys have fun“. Obviously, I didn’t answer his incoming call as I was too offended and hurt. He sent a message saying “Nope, you’re with us. I’ll call you in the morning“. I woke up still upset and didn’t want to answer in the morning when he phoned, but I stupidly did. He admitted that he was a jerk and said he’d come over later that night to give me a hug. He asked if I was feeling better and I said I didn’t know.

I think that him coming over did make amends a little bit as it was late on a week night. I gave him dinner as he hadn’t eaten – he really should have been the one making me dinner. Loser. We spoke for a bit and then cuddled. He said that it ticked him off when I left the party without giving him a chance to catch me (good!). He did bring up the Congress on the weekend but I didn’t feel like talking about emotions nor wanted to commit to joining him or his merry gang for any communal gatherings. Part of me wants to cancel my accommodation and not go at all out of spite…but let’s be honest, I’d be cutting my nose off despite my face. I’ve decided I’ll go still, pay a lot of money for my pre-booked accommodation, meet other people and fend for myself with food. The accommodation only has a bar fridge and water jug which really limits what I can prepare. I feel bad that I may send the wrong signals to other friends staying at his accommodation, but if they comment I’ll just say that I wasn’t invited and let them join the dots to conclude that he’s a jerk.

No more word at work about The Secret Admirer. Could it be that they changed their mind after finding out my age? If so, shame on them! I am curious now that I’ve settled with the idea but I feel that it’d be opening a can of worms if I delved into it further. I haven’t seen the two most likely suspects at work yet so will have to wait until we cross paths to monitor our interactions. There is a third likely suspect on the radar who I’m really hoping is not the one as I am not interested at all.

Mr Friendly sent a message on Facey apologising for not getting to ask me to dance on Sunday evening. I did leave the party prematurely due to Karate Kid’s hurtful teasing. Mr Friendly said that I need to save him a dance at the next party.

Mr Obsessed (with my now-married friend) is still persisting with his casual messages. I wonder if he’s just lonely or if he’s ever going to fly interstate to visit.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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