When You Least Expect It – Entry 92

Dear Diary

It was only a few hours ago that I wrote to you my defeated last entry. The towel had been thrown in. I had a chat over the phone with one of my best friends about how content I was with making the most out of being helplessly single despite a year of trying to meet Mr Right. I told my friend it didn’t matter if I actively dated or not, the outcome was always the same. I was looking forward to making some extra money on the side. That was until I went out dancing….

I arrived early to the party to get a good car park. I wore my sexy white dress with golden chandelier earrings and red lipstick. When I got to the venue there was a short line up which was unusual. The line wasn’t moving either which irritated me. Eventually, the person in front of me turned around and we looked at each other in surprise. It was the Dreamy Colombian!

The back story is that we have known each other for years, maybe 10 or so. We both used to lived in the same city and met out dancing. He was always ridiculously attractive and friendly but never seemed interested in me. Every so often we would cross paths on the dance floor and say hi with maybe a little dance – nothing more. You can imagine that I was expecting to remain in the friends zone forever with him.

We spoke in the line for a bit. The ID scanner wasn’t working was the issue, but his company helped to pass the time. When inside we parted and eventually met again on the dance floor.

I’d excuse myself at the end of each dance as I didn’t want to suffocate him. I also had an inkling that he may be dating someone from what I remember last on Facey. I was cool with that, after all I shouldn’t be dating as I now hire myself out as company as a second job.

I danced with a few other ex-potentials. Life was pretty easy not caring about who may try to sweep me off my feet. Dreamy Colombian kept coming back to ask me to dance and chat.

We spoke about what we were doing for work. He is now running a Colombian catering company – impressive! I spoke about a new Bachata party that’s started and he invite me to an upcoming Colombian Independence Day event. He asked who I was living with and where. I told him Northside, but that I wanted to move South in the coming months so that I didn’t have to do On Call. He asked which suburbs I was thinking and then said he actually lived in one of them! He joked that I could live with him and I said he’d have to guarantee that it was further than 30 minutes from my work.

As the night went on he spent more and more time with me. We danced more frequently as well. I figured he was just enjoying my relaxed energy and conversing in Spanish. I was getting curious as to if he was actually seeing anyone currently….

I decided to call it a night. He protested that it was too early and asked if I would like a drink. Needing to drive home I politely declined. We had two more dances and then he offered to accompany me to my car. We agreed that I’d be going out dancing on Thursday night and that he’d aim to go to the Bachata party too. The backup plan would be to go to the usual salsa dance party after as it’s on until late and I have Friday off this week. He also said a few times during the night thay he would come to learn the style that I’m doing a lot of currently so that he could dance it with me…really?

At my car we hugged and  thanked each other for the great night. I said I hoped that he would enjoy the rest of the night but he said since I was his dance partner that he’d have to go home too. We went to hug one last time but this time he kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes then I giggled and said I should go. He said ‘are you sure?” I nodded my head. He then said ‘okay, just one more kiss’…it turned into maybe five. He said that was my fault for my kisses being so sweet. I then said I should go and we again agreed to see each other out dancing on Thursday….

I got into my car and reality hit – what just happened?!

I had just resided to being chronically single and then he appears out of nowhere and masquerades as an unavailable man, just enough to lure me into a false sense of security. If life has taught me anything it’s to just chill out and see where it goes. No expectations! I may still want to pursue my lucrative dating plan.

How to deal with Karate Kid is the other question. I think it’ll be easier than I think. It’s seriously not working out. I have no idea when he’ll contact me next or where we stand. I’ll contemplate how to swiftly cull what has been the messed up odyssey of dating Karate Kid….plus somehow preserve a friendly relationship as we will see each other out dancing a lot.

It’s all a bit much for one day. It could all change tomorrow as well.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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