Are You Serious?! – Entry 88

Dear Diary

This morning was the second hearing for my bond issue. I wasn’t surprised when the ex-landlord didn’t show again. What I wasn’t expecting was to be humiliated in the Court room. I admit that I don’t understand much about the Court system and the situation is likely a result of my ignorance, but I still feel if someone was doing their job properly it could have been avoided.

I was sleepy and stressed about getting to work. It turns out that the major inconvenience of appearing at the Courthouse could have been completely avoided if someone had bothered to check if the warrant had been issued to the ex-landlord….the Registrar grilled me as to how the hearing had even been set and confirmed. I said I’d received a phone call with time and date and that someone had warned the ex-landlord over the phone that he was required to appear. The Registrar again interrogated me as to who had called me – I had no idea! Some lady from the Courthouse over a month ago. The Registrar then said that that was the reason why he had not shown. I felt pretty silly standing there. It was embarrassing walking out of the room with so many looks of empathy staring at me. I held my head high and cursed the ex-landlord in head and thought to myself – are you serious?

The next big shock of today was the phone call with The Spaniard. When I last wrote I was waiting for his call at midday his time…it didn’t come. At 12.45pm I told him it was okay if he was busy and that we could talk another day. No reply. I thought to myself that it really would be best if we just never spoke to each other again. Why couldn’t he just send a text saying that it was best to close the final chapter of our passionate story – a distant memory of my trip to Spain one time. I went to sleep as it didn’t matter whether he told me now or later.

At 11.30pm I woke to the sound of my phone ringing. It was The Spaniard! I jumped up and answered. It was a video call over Watsapp. I was in my pyjamas and wearing a sleepy face. He was happy to see me. He asked how my Father was and about how the request for leave was going and if I’d thought more about the work Visa – are you serious?

We spoke for a bit more. He wanted to work out a time we could both comfortably talk. He said that I could text him at any time that I had a free moment to see if he was able to call. He still had That Look in his eyes….we ended the phone call by blowing each other kisses.

Dear Diary, I am so surprised at how the phone call unfolded. He was meant to break it off with me! I hadn’t heard a word from him in days! What now? I’m starting to think about work visa and booking in another Spain trip or two. I have flashbacks to him at the airport, him in Seville, us dancing in Barcelona….What about Karate Kid? He seems like such he’s really committed to making things work between us, I think he’d be a reliable partner, we would have cute children….I can’t believe that I may have to choose. I need more time.

Tonight is the movie date with Karate Kid….


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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