Another Chance – Entry 87

Dear Diary

Tuesday morning arrived in all it’s glory and I had not received any word from Karate Kid about whether we were meeting that night or Thursday. By this stage I’d give up on the idea of seeing him outside our social circle.

Five minutes before my shift ended he sent through a message saying that he had a wrestling class on until 8pm and asked if I’d be home that night and if my housemate would be home. Let’s just say I took this offensively. It sounded too much like a last minute booty call. I stewed on it for a good half hour before responding. Rather than playing the discreet card of ‘let’s reschedule as tonight doesn’t suit me any longer’ I let my emotions get the better of me and gave him a serve: I don’t know what you’re looking for KK, but I think it’s very different to what I was hoping. I’m interested in old fashioned dating with the potential of girlfriend-boyfriend. Sorry if I’ve given you the wrong impression. 

I figured that was a strong enough message to deter him and reclaim some of my dignity. A few minutes later he sent a reply:

Haahaaaa you think toooo much….I thought it would be easier to chat at your place without your house mate there….I mean if you want to drive all the way to X suburb….fine by me

This message infuriated me but also softened me. Anger because he was suggesting that I’d drive all the way to see him! but softness, because he was thinking about my best interests and willing to drive all the way to see me….

After some deliberation I replied: She’ll be home maybe 9 or 9.30pm tonight. You’d have to promise me that there’d be talking only

Fifteen minutes elapsed and I started to get nervous. Was he going to come? it was getting late….so I prepared a text “It’s probably best if we don’t. It’s getting late“. As soon as I hit the send button a message from KK came through suggesting we see a movie on Thursday and chat afterwards. Soon after he sent another message “I said Thursday night!!!”. As I was drafting my next response he phoned me…

After a short chat we decided that he’d come to visit me that night and that we’d go for a walk. I got changed out of my pyjamas and hid the pregnancy kit in a better spot in my room. Forty minutes later he arrived and we went for a walk. In lieu of a photo, I gave him the washed empty container of the chicken soup. He smiled and said all he wanted was for me to trust him.

The conversation flipped between casual and personal. This time, I felt more comfortable around him and enjoyed the kissing. We learned that we shared a similar upbringing which helped us to understand the other more. Eventually he suggested we go inside to snuggle. I hesitated but went along with it….soon enough innocent conversation and kisses lead to passionate embrace. This time around I enjoyed it more. There certainly felt to be a genuine connection and sincere intentions on his part. There was no sex, much to his dismay. I said I wasn’t ready for that yet.

He said he’d stay for a few minutes longer before driving home. We snuggled up and I fell asleep. I don’t know how long I was asleep for before he roused me so that I could let him out. The plan now is that we will meet on Thursday night to go for movies and coffee – our first proper date.

Let’s move on to an update of The Spaniard. I’d come to the acceptance stage of my emotional crisis with what could have been in an alternate reality. I understood that I would likely never hear from him again, or that maybe a brief text might appear one day wishing me well in the future. Last night whilst Karate Kid was visiting me The Spaniard sent a message asking if he could call me later that night. Of course, I didn’t get the message until the early hours of the next morning….I took a little while to consider my response. I knew that what he had to say would be painful but felt that I could handle the rejection. So I politely apologised for the delay. He then rescheduled for this evening. Hesitantly, I agreed. At least I am calm and ready to be let down gently. To be honest, it would be easier if he just never got back in contact with me as I’d eventually figure it out. I will let you know how the conversation with goes this evening.

In other news, on Facey, the Musician had been in contact and asked if I’d like to reschedule for this coming weekend. He also suggested communicating via text. I agreed to both ideas. It’s been a couple of days and no text message yet….I might log in tomorrow morning to see what he has to say. But, if I hold out a little longer he may cave in first and send me a text.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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