The Trail of Breadcrumbs – Entry 77

Dear Diary

A day after meeting The Spaniard I checked my email multiple times – nada. I was rather hurt as he had invited me a few times to a dinner and show with his friends on Saturday night.

What was also bizarre was that he seemed so convincingly into me when we had first met on Friday night. I ran through scenarios as to why he may not have contacted me. Could it be that Spanish men are just unbelievably good at faking interest to try to get you into bed? I mean, his eyes did pop oit of his head when I said I was holidaying with my Father. Perhaps, I’d spelt my email incorrectly? Or had he crashed his car on the way home? I decided it was best to shrug it off as an impressive attempt of getting me into bed. I was grateful that I held my ground. My girlfriend and I instead went out clubbing on Saturday night and had a ball!

A day later a thought crossed my mind…could he have found me on Facey? Reluctantly, I logged in. You see, I didn’t want to access Facey at all on my trip so that I could forget Karate Kid. When I logged in there was a request from The Spaniard and also a message with details of the night before. There was also a message from Karate Kid. He addressed me as Snowflake and asked when I was returning from Spain…nice change from trying to make me jealous on the eve of my trip – who says the silent treatment doesn’t work? I told him in 3 weeks with no specific dates.

The Spaniard wanted to meet with me on Sunday evening. We negotiated over a coupleof hours and settled with him finding my friend and I at one of two restaurants close to where I was staying and then go out dancing from there. The catch was that I’d be uncontactable when I left my apartment as I had no means of communication. It was getting late and he didn’t give a time as to when he’d likely arrive. I sent a message as we left so he’d know I couldn’t be contacted.


My friend and I soon discovered that both the restaurants were actually closed! This wasn’t a good thing as it was sending the wrong signals to The Spaniard. We decided to dine at a restaurant situated between the other two, all conveniently located on the same street. Inside the restaurant I sat facing the window in case he did come looking for us.

My friend and I enjoyed delicious food, fruity sangría and flavoursome conversation. Time felt like it flew and eventually we finished our meals and only had a small bit of sangría left. My friend kindly prepared me by saying he wasn’t coming and that we’d still have a great night out dancing. A few minutes later a face staring through the restaurant window interrupted our conversation. It was The Spaniard! My friend and I were both in disbelief.

He joined us at the table and he struck up conversation with my friend and I. I liked how he wanted to get along with her. Following his suggestion, we decided to go with him in his car to a more authentic salsa party.

To summarize, here are some stand out moments from the evening….he asked if I’d stay in Spain instead of going back home (answer was of course a no). He tried to make sure that my friend was comfortable and got to dance. He told me I was beaitiful and radiant a few times. Like on Friday night, he was so tender and gentle with the way he held, embraced and caressed me. He noticed I was too reserved to ask other men to dance so he went and found a good dancer for me to dance with and watched us. Afterwards, he said he’ll learn to dance as well as that dancer. He also offered to give me his phone so that I had a way of being contacted whilst in Spain. I told him he was crazy and needed it but he insisted as instead he’d use his Mother’s phone. He also asked if there was a time that we could have dinner with just the two of us (I didn’t answer as I wanted to but thought it would be rude to my friend and Father). At one point he asked if I was hungry and I said no. I asked him if he was and he replied not for food, but that he was hungry for me….his gaze examining my shocked response felt intense. I couldn’t believe how forward Spaniards could be.

After the party finished he gave us the option to stay up dancing all night at another night club. He was more than happy to pull an all nighter despite having work the next day just to spend more time! My friend and I felt this wasn’t appropriate and elected that he drive us home. When we got to our place he insisted again that I take his phone and also gave me the charger (I was amazed at how well he’d pre-planned it, I realised that he was dead serious about lending the phone). I reluctantly accepted and then immediately regretted it once I was inside – who lends their phone to others?? There are personal messages and photos on the device! Wayyyy too much trust and confidence for an almost stranger. I won’t be doing any snooping but still feel uncomfortable with being handed the opportunity on a silver platter.

Maybe I shouldn’t have sangría anymore?…but it is so tasty!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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