The Spanish Kiss – Entry 76

Dear Diary

This vacation I wasn’t planning on making any entries…

I’m travelling in parts of Spain with my Father on a Daddy-Daughter trip. It is extra special to me as my Father completely lost his vision about 2 years ago and I’d felt as though I’d lost the opportunity to go on a trek with him like I’d promised myself I would. This trip is a big step for us and if it’s successful we may consider the El Camino de Santiago.

So, from the above you can see that I was not expecting to meet any boys as I’m sole carer, navigator and translator for my Father…but last night I went dancing.

I found a salsa club only a block away from our apartment that had good reviews. Not having many nice clothes to choose from I picked the nicest that I had and put on bare minimum make up (mascara, eye liner and lipstick). Not feeling as devine as usual with my bling and stunning dresses I told myself to just have fun and be grateful for the dances I’d have with people who I’d never see again that night.

Soon after arriving to the club a man approached me. He was cute with masculine facial features and gorgeous large brown eyes. He invited me to dance and we found that we both appreciated how the other moved. He kept beside me and spoke when we were not dancing. I told him he should dance with the other women so not to make them jealous, at which he laughed. When he went to get a drink  (I declined his offer) another man came to ask me to dance. This one was tanned, tall and with thick, black facial hair. Again, he was a great dancer.

The third man that asked me to dance was short, bald and maybe 45 years old. He was a bit rougher to dance with but I followed well enough. The first guy kept watching from the sideline where I seemed to gravitate to after dances (in a way it was ‘my spot’). I stood a few metres away from him after dancing with the short, bald man, and he came over to talk to me. It was then that he started trying to convince me to go to a different “better” salsa club with him.

My brain started sounding alert for this proposed situation – foreign girl by herself in Spain (for all he knew), goes to different club at 2am with guy she just met…disappears off face of Earth. I figured I’d just keep politely declining and explained that I’d only brought enough money for the entry to this current club – he said he’d pay for my next entry. We danced some more and he kept asking. The situation sounded like your textbook murder story plot line but I felt he was not a threat…I eventually and reluctantly said yes.

We left the club and started walking. He let me navigate to the address that his friend had given him as I may have joked that I knew the city better than him…I was confident until I wasn’t sure if I needed to take us North or South, but was pretty sure it was North. He got out his phone to help navigate and as we walked he face planted into a half-closed umbrella used to shelter alfresco diners. I did try to stop him but it was too late. We laughed and he said more notice would have been nice.

We get to the street we needed to be on and I think he was impressed that I got it correct. We then started walking looking for the street number. We walked a couple of blocks to the West and then realised it was to the East. We walked East and then overshoot. We walked West and carefully looked for numbers…237 was a convenience store. I got a little anxious hoping he wasn’t a rapist, he didn’t feel like he would do it. He called his “friend” who must be dyslexic as the real number is 327. He suggested we catch a cab but I said walking was good (less chance of rape and murder). We started walking West for 3 blocks then stopped and laughed as we needed to walk East. We eventually made it to the “better” club and I met his “friend” who was a nice enough guy.

There was a dance competition at the club so we went to the bar. I had water and he had rum and Cola. We spoke in a quieter section of the club and danced when snippets of music played.

I loved how he led. He was so gentle but masculine. Every so often he hugged me and again so gentle and comfortable. Eventually, he stroked my hair lovingly as we danced to the romantic Bachata. He caressed my arms and cheek. He was so nice to be close to. He kissed my cheek and then moved my hair and kissed my neck. He kissed my cheek again and I moved my head away slightly as I hadn’t finished debating with myself as whether to allow him to kiss me that night. Another Bachata came on that I loved and this time when his lips came close to mine I let him kiss the outside of my lips and then my nose and then a real kiss.

After a couple more dances I told him that I should go. He walked me to my door and we talked about how ourcultures were different. He asked how we would keep in contact during my stay and in the future. He asked me about my views on sex with a disclaimer that he wasn’t suggesting anything. I told him I believed it was a special thing for couples to share after they’d known each other for a while.

At my door he asked if I would go to a dinner and show with him and his friends tomorrow night. I said it depended on my girlfriend (who’s arriving tomorrow!! Yay!). He got my email address as that’s my only form of communication in Spain and insisted that we see each other again before I leave.

As we would likely see each other again I told him I was actually on holiday with my Father. The Spaniard’s eyes almost popped out of his head and I had to tell him that I wasn’t joking. I didn’t tell him that he was blind, just that he doesn’t speak Spanish. With prompting, the Spaniard disclosed that he split from his partner a few months ago and that he had an 8 year old boy. Talk about bombshell! I tried not to look alarmed or shocked…hopefully he bought the facade. I didn’t know how I felt about it so just pretended it hadn’t changed a thing. We wished each other goodnight at 4.30am and he told me to dream of him.

I haven’t heard from him yet. I really hope I spelt my email correctly and that he realises the initial letter I is a capital i and not an L. We will wait and see.

On a positive note it’s made me forget Karate Kid for a night. I’ve been tempted to log into Facey to check in with him. Each time I’ve stopped myself as he shouldn’t be rewarded for being a jerk and for trying to make me jealous. Maybe he’ll step up when I get back from Spain…or maybe it won’t matter…


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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