Secrets of the Night in Barcelona – Entry 78

Dear Diary

Last night I had a date with The Spaniard. He’d been so sweet the preceding days by calling and texting the smartphone he leant me for my stay in Barcelona. I think this grand gesture is the new age equivalent of giving the shirt off your back to help a lady. I’m still bewildered by it.

For the date he came to pick me up from my apartment. He then drove us back to his suburb which was about a 20 minute drive away. He took me to a wonderful restaurant and we delighted in sampling their tapas, sangría and dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and was surprised by his suggestion to visit me in another Spanish city during the rest of my stay. Hw was uoset that I was leaving Barcelona. He did say that if he didn’t have his son here that’d he’d seriously consider moving Country for me.

After the dinner he said he had a surprise for me. He took me for a drive to the airport and walked me to an area outside the periphery that had stone chairs. The chairs were there to enjoy watching planes landing metres above where you say. We cuddled, chatted and kissed whilst we waited. No plane ended up coming by the time I was getting tired so we called it a night and he offered to drive me home. This is where it gets interesting.

It is 2:00am, I’m tired and still feeling the effects of sangría. The Spaniard brings up the topic of sex again and I explain that I need to know someone very well before that can happen. On the drive home though, the idea of being able to lay in his arms whilst I slept was so enticing that I decided to flirt with it.

We had a discussion in the car as he was dropping me off and we decided that he’d keep me company that night in my bed. We would sneak him in and out so that my Father would have no idea….and it worked.

We crept into the apartment without shoes on and closed my bedroom door. Both my friend and Father were sleeping soundly in separate rooms so were oblivious to the additional occupant for the evening. We settled for bed and said goodnight. All I wanted was to be held. It was so nice feeling his body warmth. Gradually, things led from one to another….he did please me last night. I guess overall it was a unique experience in Barcelona.

The next morning we woke to my Father in the kitchen. This is the ONLY situation in which it’s convenient to have a completely blind Father. I went out and asked him if he’d showered – yes – equals bad news. I then when to the contingency plan I’d devised earlier: operation ‘I need to take out the rubbish’. My Father sat drinking his morning coffee with the television on (thankfully masking any potential unexpected sounds that The Spaniard may have made). I stated that I needed to put out the rubbish and coaxed The Spaniard out of my room, past my Father and to the front door. It was perfectly executed and my friend was also asleep so was none the wiser. The Spaniard and I quickly kissed goodbye and I ran back upstairs to start the day.

I’m not sure how I feel about it for multiple reasons: I took advantage of my Father’s blindness, I slept with someone that I hardly knew, it was protected sex but it still carries the risk of sexually transmitted infectioms, and finally, I don’t know if I’ll ever hear from him again now that we have slept together – do I want to though? I mean, do I want to move to Spain? Too big of a question to answer.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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