Cat and Mouse – Entry 75

Dear Diary

I did send the message to Karate Kid saying the I was fine and wishing him to get better soon. To my irritation he replied the next day with: “sure, sure lol. I may call you tonight.” 

Firstly, it’s either that he will or won’t call – not might! How am I meant to work witj that? Not wanting to appear too available I waited until after work and sent: “Depends on what time you’re planning on calling.

Three hours later he replies with: “Maybe I shouldn’t call you then.” This irritates me to know and and an hour later I reply: “you’re such a stinky boy sometimes.” A few minutes later he calls.

Now, keep in mind that I had wanted to tell this guy off about how horrible he had been and shame on him. But surprisingly, I was quite calm and we had a grown up conversation.

He listened to me tell him that he had offended me with the name he chose to adress me with in the text (Moley, because I drew a sexy mole beside my lips for a dress up party one time), that he’d cancelled last minute and that he didn’t even say sorry. He paused and listened and then read through his messages. He inferred that I had a point and used the excuse of immense pain for his lack of common courtesy. After some prodding by me, he eventually said that we should call each other about plans as we misinterpret each other’s messages a lot. I liked the sound of this.

Karate Kid went on to say he’d prefer to call me Snowflake rather than my self assigned Princess nickname. I liked the sound of this and agreed. He also said that he wanted to see me again before my month holiday….and this is where things went from platuing to continuing on the decline…he suggested I go to a group movie and dinner before a dance party on Saturday (notice it’s all group!). He then went on to say that he’s busy with dance and martial arts classes in the evenings but messy not go this week as his back hurts… (so making an exception for me one night isn’t an obvious option?)…he then suggested that I tell him when I’m free and he’ll see if he isn’t already busy….I was pretty upset by this point so said it was late and that I needed to sleep. What a jerk!

Fast forward – no online invite to the group movie and dinner (his friend, Quiet Guy, invited me online the morning of). No communication until Saturday evening pre dance party where he texted: “Snowflake! Stop thinking bad thoughts about me!”  if only he knew that I was thinking about how much of a lousy jerk he in fact was! I guess they could be considered as bad thoughts?!

Fortunately, I had a contingency plan in place. Preemptively, I knew I wouldn’t want to reward his lack of initiative by turning up to the dance party so I had made other plans – a girl’s night out with one of my gorgeous single friends! And boy, was it fun! We got dolled up and went to a pretentious cocktail bar in the city and had an amazing night. Only a few guys approached us that evening, but that didn’t matter as we were there to enjoy each other’s company.

The most confronting part of the evening was seeing a woman grab a man’s crutch across from us. I told my friend that it was our cue to leave! On our way out that same guy shared a lift with us. He gave a compliment to my friend and we both started giggling and couldn’t stop (we don’t think he knew what was so funny).

The next evening, a few hours out from my flight I tagged myself in some cute pics from my activities over the wknd and then then sent Karate Kid as message saying that I hoped he had a nice weekend. He replied wishing me a good holiday and I sent one back saying thanks and that I hoped his back got better soon…he then sent a low blow “Lol. Its better now. Had all these dances with good girls last night…”  This really made me angry and jealous at the same time. A little voice in my head said, she’s about to go away for a month, do you really want to make her jealous and upset her just before she goes? I didn’t reply (to the voice or his message, just to clarify…).

It gives some food for thought on my holiday. I hope that I don’t care about Karate Kid upon my return as a month is a long time.

Other updates: The Obsessed guy (obsessed over my friend) sent a message wishing me a safw trip. The Real Estate Agent had been messaging conversational texts and The Musician tried to squeeze in a last minute catch up before the trip without success. He instead settled on becoming Facey friends on the pretense of keeping in touch that way…he has no idea that I don’t intend to frequent social media sites whilst on holiday.

Don’t expect too many dating updates over the next month as this is a family holiday!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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