A Walk in the Park – Entry 74

Dear Diary

My friend’s birthday was pleasant. We all went for dinner and then out for karaoke. Karate Kid did end up going and I made sure I kept really neutral around him in front of our friends. The birthday girl had a wonderful time which was the most important thing!

After karaoke we all went to our cars. Karate Kid offered to walk me to my car as I was going in a different direction to everyone else. I felt a bit uneasy as I thought my friends might feel suspicious…but I was also relieved as I really wanted to talk with him and feel a mutual connection.

On our way to my car he joked that he’d steal my passport off me so that I couldn’t go on my upcoming adventure. I enjoyed this as I thought he must care enough to miss me. At my car he asked when I was free and we worked out that Tuesday night would be the an option. No plans were discussed, just the date and time locked in. Before he left I hesitated and he then asked if I’d like to go for a walk. I didn’t have to work until late the next morning so I happily accepted the offer.

We walked around the city and stopped at an arcade. We played a few games and I didn’t play as well as I did on the arcade date with Mr Spark….I was rather disappointed in myself! It was kind of embarrassing how useless I was with some of the games. Time to pick up my game I think.

We also walked to see some of the statues in a city square. We sat on one of the lion statues and talked about the wedding that I’d been to. He asked if any guys had tried to hit on me and I laughed it off (no way was I going to tell him about Obsessed Guy). It comforted me to hear that he was concerned that I may meet someone else.

We kept walking around the city and came to the gardens. I would never go in on my own as it would be dangerous after dark, but I felt safe with Karate Kid. We walked and talked and kissed. He walked us to a darker part of the park and placed me against a tree – no talking, just kissing. Soon his hands began to wander and I wasn’t sure how far was too far. When he tried to put his hand down my top I stopped him. The second time he tried to put his hand down my top I stopped him again – definitely too far. His hands then when down to my legs (usually I wear stockings but wasn’t that night for some reason!). I pushed his hands down in an attempt to resist but he kept trying. He was gently touching on the side of the hips and just under the bottom where the underwear line sits. Once his hands started moving in the direction of vi-jay-jay territory I quickly pushed his hands away and said it was too far. He retreated and then later tried from a different angle – again he was swatted away. No hanky panky that night sorry buddy.

We spoke about movies and super heroes. He said he wanted to take me to see more movies as I didn’t get out to the cinemas much. He told me that during karaoke he wanted to kiss me but couldn’t as our friends were there. He also suggested we dress as matching characters for a Halloween party – Tin Man and Dorothy (which would be months away!). For an upcoming dance congress he asked if I had already sorted my accommodation as he was booking for the group….I said that I already had booked last year. But does this mean he’ll try and sneak into my hotel room as I’ll be alone? or should I cancel my reservation and stay with the group?? that could look needy….hmmmm.

Let’s fast forward until today, right now. It’s Tuesday night and I’m sitting at home blogging to you. Karate Kid sent a message at lunch saying he’d hurt his back at martial arts class the night before and that he was getting a massage. I replied when I finished work and asked if he was okay to meet tonight….he replied: Unless I spend the evening lying on your lap…. ; ) struggling to stand up straight atm…I don’t think I am….

I had just dolled myself up for the date…devastated with this news I decided not to reply immediately. This was just like what had happened with The Policeman and Mr Spark, cancelling of dates is not a good sign. I reflected on the wedding speeches that I’d heard over the years and deducted that if he was really keen about me he’d move mountains to be able to see me. He obviously wasn’t that interested in me if he was cancelling and doing so in such a lousy way.

The Musician sends through a text asking if I wanted to catch up. In my mind I was thinking: not now! why can’t Karate Kid be as persistent as you are? I eventually replied saying that I am pretty busy this week and asked what he had in mind as a catch up – a walk or coffee….hmmm, think I’ll reply tomorrow.

An hour later I replied to Karate Kid: No worries. It was the best I could come up with. I wanted to send ‘not a snow ball’s chance’ but felt this could come across as spiteful or too powerful. If I replied ‘hope you get better soon’ that’d cut the conversation short and would not give him a chance to redeem himself and organise another date.

A minute after my ‘no worries’ text he replies ‘you sound sad’ and my immediate response out loud was ‘more like pissed off!’ but of course, I didn’t say that. In fact, I haven’t replied yet as I’m not sure what to say. It’s been over an hour since his message…I think I’ll go with ‘I’m fine. Get better soon‘…but I’ll ponder over it for a little longer as sometimes not saying anything is the best response.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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