Why Weddings are Dangerous – Entry 73

Dear Diary

It was a painful week to say the least. Karate Kid did eventually pull through and sent a message saying that he got to see me the coming Sunday (I assume that translated to saying he was excited about seeing me next Sunday….). A few days later he sent a message asking if I had been leaving my phone off silent mode the whole week (implying that I was hopeful that he’d call) – defensively I replied that I hadn’t as I wasn’t expecting any calls.

Now for my friend’s wedding. Let me start by saying that I love a good wedding. Everyone is in a good mood, you are expected to dress up nicely and there’s plenty of delicious food and alcohol is provided – what’s there not to like about weddings? Well, for single people they can be emotionally manipulative. Allow me to elaborate: people ask you ‘when is it going to be your turn?’ ‘is there anyone special on the horizon?’ ‘why are you still single?’ followed on by the heart warming speeches from the newly weds, best man, maid of honour and family members…all talking about how in love the couple are and the wonderful acts of love they have demonstrated towards each other prior to their union. Yep, a recipe for awakening the heart from it’s slumber and yearn for it’s own fairy tale.

My friend’s wedding was in a city to the South. I flew in on the Friday evening and got up early for the ceremony on the Saturday morning. It was intimate and quaint. I enjoyed watching how the groom looked intently into the eyes of his bride to be as the celebrant read through her spiel. They were two peas in a pod and he only had eyes for her *sigh*.

At the ceremony were some university friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. One, in particular, that I hadn’t seen in years. He had been obsessed with the bride since they first met many years ago. I remember the bride trying to be nice and not letting him get too close for comfort, but just close enough to be friends with the potential of more. It was blatantly obvious to the rest of us that he was head over heels for her and that she needed to be cruel to be kind. For years he continued to pursue her masquerading as a good friend with good intentions. Sadly for him, he was out-knighted by the now-groom. I was curious to know if the groom was aware how obsessed this guy was with his bride as he may not have wanted him to be at the wedding if he truly did know…..I guess a self confident man would never let a bit of competition unnerve him.

So, things got interesting after the ceremony. Obsessed guy seemed to take an interest in finding out how I was and what I was getting up to. At our group lunch outing after the ceremony he noticed that I wanted dessert and so offered to dine with me (the rest of the group weren’t interested). He offered to pay as well which was nice. I went along with it and we had a fun conversation until I said it was time for me to go to get ready for the reception. He walked me back to my hotel and asked when it was ‘my turn’. I said I was too busy to think about such things and that it wasn’t something that could be predicted anyway.

The reception was fun. As expected, the food was delicious and everyone was in a good mood. The newly weds looked as in love as ever and the speeches were touching. Awkwardly, I was placed next to Obsessed Guy – was this all in the bride’s grand plan to palm off her leftovers to the desperate and dateless friend? He was particularly attentive during the evening which was nice. He said that we would need to make an effort to keep in touch and that I should visit him in the city he lives in (…does he seriously think that I’m that desperate?). Nearing the end of the night he wanted to walk me back to my hotel. I realised that one of the other single women would be walking alone so I found Obsessed Guy and said: XX would you be a sweetheart and make sure YY gets back to her hotel safely? Knowing that I already had company to my hotel he jumped at the chance to take on the delegated responsibility (two birds with one stone I thought to myself).  When I got back to my hotel he sent a message “I hope that you made it back safely”  and then the next morning “I hope that you have a safe flight back home”. Very sweet, but still, I don’t take someone else’s leftovers.

The whole wedding experience did weaken my defenses….I ended up sending Karate Kid a text that day wishing him luck with his performance that night…he replied thank you and that he hoped that I was staying out of trouble….I replied late that night that I was trying too. No reply.

Tonight is my friend’s birthday party. Karate Kid will be there….let’s hope he’s still keen.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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