Impulsiveness is Not a Virtue – Entry 72

Dear Diary

I must confess that I’m not proud of how the last few days have unfolded. I broke a few of my rules and I think I’ll be paying the price for it – ongoing singledom.

Karate Kid did end up sending me a text two days after the cinemas. He asked what my schedule was like for the coming fortnight. Being coy I said that it was cluttered as usual. The next day he insinuated that I was troublesome and I realised that he must have thought I was saying that I was completely busy. With this in mind I sent him a message:

Good morning Karate Kid

When I say that my schedule is cluttered it doesn’t mean that there are no free spaces. And, importantly, if I were completely busy it is not a spankable offense.

I hope you know that you’re allowed to call. It’s easier than texting.

Have a great day!

He asked if he could call me late that night as he had a dinner to attend. I said yes…but was asleep at midnight so missed it. I apologised the next morning via text.

A few days later there was a dance party. I could only go for a short time as I had work the next day. Karate Kid asked me to dance a few times and after an hour I disappeared, performing my Cinderella Act again.

Karate Kid sends the following the next morning: I think leaving without saying goodbye is a spankable offense 😉

Of course, I say it’s not (as this would mean that I’m incriminating myself and will be inadvertently giving permission ongoingly! no way).

Later that night he sends through a text asking if I was free to chat. I had just left a dance party and had the next day off….this is where things go downhill. I should have ignored his text message and responded the next day…but the devil on my shoulder said: Anastasia – you are looking super sexy now in your short, red dress with diamontes and heels…and you’re going to Spain for a holiday in 2 weeks time…which means you won’t get to see Karate Kid for a long time…and you’ve also got a wedding to attend next weekend. You know you want to see him…

I decided that I’d send a message saying “I’m free now!”. If he called we could suss out when was good to meet. If he didn’t, well I’d drive home and go to bed. He called.

From our conversation we worked out that there weren’t really any days or times that were good. Only a mutual friend’s birthday dinner the following weekend that we were both already going to. I hinted that I was free right now….so he came to find me in the city.

He picked me up from my car and took me to the clubbing part of the town. We walked around for a while with his arm around my waist, every so often stopping to kiss. He wanted to take me to mini putt putt but it was closed. We still had a wonderful time. It was 1am when I said that I needed to sleep. He dropped me back at my car and we kissed a little longer.

The next day I had completely free as my original plan didn’t go to fruition. I woke up thinking of Karate Kid and really wanted to see him. I knew that this would be a bad idea as it’d come across as needy and clingy, but I really wanted to see him again. I waited a few hours and decided on sending:

Good morning sweet KK. I want one of your hugs hehe

A few hours later he replies: Good morning princess. That would have to cost you 😉

Me: Hmmm how about a hug in return? Hehe

KK: I do want to feel your body next to min in a cuddle right now….yes I’m still in…

Me: Naww I love cuddles. Sounds like you had a nice sleep in

Me again (I should have stopped myself!!): I’m planning on going for a walk along the water this afternoon. The view is stunning. You’re welcome to join me.

He asked about time etc and eventually said he had a class on that evening. I really wished that I hadn’t sent him any messages at all. I think I may have scared him off. Time will tell.

The Musician has asked if we can catch up again. I have said yes, but am not making an attempt to organise anything. He really needs to learn how to.

Also, the real estate agent sent me a message over the weekend asking if I had much planned. I said yes, I did. Not sure if I’ll ever catch up with him if he can’t organise a date.

Really hoping and praying that Karate Kid is still attracted to me and wants to date me despite me being needy and clingy!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©





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