Why Not? – Entry 69

Dear Diary

Today I caught up with the Musician. He’s been quite persistent despite me taking days to reply and me feeling we don’t have much chemistry connection. I honestly wouldn’t have been too fazed if he’d stopped texting me and I didn’t see him ever again. I’d say I was busy, busy again and still busy but he would keep checking in to see when we could schedule in a catch up.

As he doesn’t have a job currently, we went for a walk. I’d already been for a bike ride along the waterfront for an hour before we met. When he came he parked near where I had and we started walking and talking. The conversation flowed nicely, surprisingly, for the whole 3 hours that we walked together.

Of note, I discovered that we both had similar ideas about money which is a big tick. We both have a similar sort of humour which again, is another big tick. He made a comment once that sounded as though he wasn’t interested in children – big cross on the record. I am undecided but haven’t given up on the idea so need a man who is at least partially committed to the idea. Seems like an area to do more investigation IF we continue to catch up.

As we walked, I thought to myself that this man would need to pick up his game romantically if he wants to swoon me. So far he hasn’t spent one cent on me nor organised something all on his own to impress me. It sounds superficial, but these things are telling as to how interested a guy is in you and to how much he would care for you once you were a couple.

We parted ways with a platonic hug, no kiss. He does seem like a nice enough guy…

That night I went to a dance party in a nearby city where learnt to dance. I dressed up in my golden, sequin full-length dress (the one I wore to the masquerade ball a few months back). It was a fabulous night. It’s so much fun being the stunning stranger that no one knows or recognises as it’s been so long.

There was one encounter which could have been avoided. I hadn’t shared the story with you as it was years ago. There was a guy a dance who was super keen on me. I was a university student at the time and he was a fulltime working high school teacher. I was not attracted to him and just happy being friends. He had heard that my friend was visiting from interstate and offered to take us to do a bush walk and if we fancied it maybe to see glow-worms in caves as well. I asked my friend and we decided we’d go along for the joy ride.

He came to pick us up late-morning. I clearly remember telling him that we were only interested in the bush walking as we wanted to be back to the city on time to go out that night. I wasn’t quite sure where we were going but realised about halfway there that it was a long way. From memory, the drive took maybe 1.5 to 2 hours. He told us that we could go to a Hare Krishna village for lunch, then for a bushwalk to pass the time as we needed to wait until it was dark for the glow worms. I was thinking to myself ‘did he not hear me say we need to be back so we can go out clubbing?’.

We turned into a little town and he exclaimed that that was where he’d grown up. He took us for a tour of the town and then a couple of streets away from where he used to live told us that we were going to meet his parents!!! Whaaaaaaat? That was not in the plan! I was freaking out internally as I wasn’t comfortable meeting them and also was concerned that he may have been telling them about me also – not cool. So not cool. I was eternally grateful that my friend was there with me as chaperone.

We met his parents who seemed like absolutely lovely people. The house was quaint and nostalgic. His mother pointed out a painting on the wall she did years ago. I found the painting slightly disturbing as it was caricatures of her two sons crying over the body of their dog who appeared to be sleeping but in fact had just passed away. His father found us torches for the glow-worms. By this stage I was ready to leave.

As we left his parents’ place I tried to seem pleasant. I felt sick inside wondering if his parents would be saying how nice of a girl I was for their son. So not cool.

The Hare Krishna part of the trip was fun. There were peacocks and good food. We spent a couple of hours there walking through the gardens and then looking at their shop. I had my metaphorical sooky pants on so was expecting that we’d be heading home at any minute once we had finished at the village – I was wrong.

Livid by the injustice of being taken against my will to see lame glow-worms I was not on my best behaviour for the rest of the trip. Yet, he insisted that we see the darn glow-worms. My friend was a good diffuser for the situation in hindsight. We did our bushwalk and then went to the cave when the sun set. In summary, the glow-worms were an underwhelming experience.

I didn’t say much on the way home. I was still coming to terms with what had happened that day and how my wishes were not listened to. My friend did most of the talking on the way home. We got out of the car pretty quick once we got home. I don’t think we ended up going out dancing as we were too exhausted.

Back to the present – that guy was at the party. I thought he was ignoring me for the duration of the night until we crossed paths at the end. He tried to introduce himself to me and I told him that we knew each other. He studied my face for a few seconds and then shouted ‘oh my lord!’. It was at that moment that I’d wished I’d realised that he hadn’t recognised me and that’s why he appeared to be avoiding me…..he’s suggested we catch up the next time he is in town….


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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