Maybe He is Capable of Being Nice – Entry 68

Dear Diary

I’ve been messaging with Karate Kid a little bit more in the past few days. He sent me a random message and I decided to share with him my grief. He was very supportive which was a refreshing change compared to his standard annoying behaviour.

He hinted that he’d come to give me a hug then and there but I declined and said his words were comforting enough. He promised to give me a hug the next time we saw each other. I really wanted the hug then and there. Why out of all the people was I happy to think about a comforting hug from him? I can’t explain it.

He said that we could message until late into the night if I couldn’t sleep or even talk over the phone. I had gone to bed before he sent this message on Facey so didn’t get it until the morning. I did send him a message the next day saying thank you and that I wished him a nice day. I really wanted him to comfort me and protect me. I don’t know why but he just seems like someone who I could seek solace and refuge in.

In true Karate Kid fashion, once I seemed happier he said that he charges with kisses. I was happy to get this message as if he pursued me enough I’d be happy to kiss him. I sent him an emoji kiss to pay my debt.

He’s not your classic handsome man, nor is he refined, but I am attracted to him. I see a lot of potential in him as a partner and I want to get to know him….if he pursues me that is. I’m really hoping that he’s still interested in me enough to ask me out again.

Is it pathetic that each time I get a text message that I hope it’s from Karate Kid? I get disappointed when it’s a different guy, a family member or a friend. It sounds really pathetic to me.

In case you were curious as well, no further word from Mr Not-so-average Jo. I think it’s for the best as he’s a workaholic and didn’t put much effort into the last two dates. He’s a nice guy and would be a great provider. It’s a shame he’s just not that interested in me.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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