Bitter Sweet – Entry 67

Dear Diary

Today was the day: Operation summons service. I didn’t realise where the term ‘you’ve been served’ came from until recently. I am so grateful that my ex housemate was able to be there with me for it. The plan unfolded neatly as planned as follows:

  • Meet close to the old share house and psych ourselves up
  • Drive to old share house
  • Take photos of the car registration and boat registration (in case I need to order a warrant for seizer and sale of these assets)
  • Leave information discreetly and strategically placed on the vehicles of the new (unfortunate) housemates of the old share house. The information was the case number for the landlord at the Tenants Authority in the case that they needed assistance
  • Knock on door and serve summons to ex-landlord

It actually went so smoothly it was like a choreography. The ex-landlord was so stunned to see us he didn’t know what to do and peacefully accepted the court summons and then closed the door.

I was shaking from the adrenaline after delivering the summons. We got into the car and then went to a dessert cafe close by to de-stress before my ex-housemate when to work and I drove home. How fortunate I am to have such good friends. He did make a point that a small sacrifice of time in his day made an immense difference to my day – it was true. I’m sure if I’d gone to the house on my own I would have been verbally abused.

Today was exceptionally hard as I learned that a person who was very special to me had passed way. I worked with him a year ago and he had been the referee for the job I have now. He was such a pleasure to be around and I certainly was fond of him. Just hearing his name made me happy internally. He was maybe 20 years my senior, but I had a flame for him. I think it was his intelligence and respect for others that I admired so much. When I told him that I was successful with the job he congratulated me and then told me in his accent: Anastasia, you know, I always had a little crush on you. I didn’t know what to say. I was flattered but also embarrassed. If it had been another lifetime I would have dated him. I knew that there were skeletons in his closet, but we all have our daemons to fight. I’m sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye.

I wrote this poem for him:

Did the angels know you were coming?

Did the angels know the time was near?

The world is still alive, at peace

But today you’re no longer here

Did the angels give you a chance?

Did the angels let you prepare?

One last chance to say goodbye

To the ones you love and care?

It’s such a shame to hear you’re gone

Too hard to believe it’s real

The tears sting and throat chokes

I can’t imagine how your family must feel

I pray for your soul

I pray for no business left undone

I pray for the return

Of joy to your loved ones

I hope the angels told you

All the words we didn’t get to say

I hope you were at peace

When they came to take you away

I sent it to him as a private message on Facey with a message telling him how important he was despite the short time I knew him. It is so sad to think that he’ll never read the message but I hope his soul hears my words.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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