The Fancy Dress Party – Entry 66

Dear Diary

Last night was the birthday party of the Dance Teacher. It was a fun night! Everyone dressed up, talked, ate and danced.

I must admit that the highlight of my night was seeing Karate Kid. He came to ask me to dance a couple of times and I really enjoyed it. He started getting cheeky and I scolded him by saying ‘why are you always mean to me? Why can’t you be nice to me like you are with everyone else?’ he stopped and thought for a moment and then asked me ‘have you been watching me?’. Of course and self-respecting lady will never admit to having her eye on a man! I didn’t answer his question and instead frowned at him with an unimpressed look on my face.

The Lawyer was there. He asked me to dance a couple of times until the girlfriend arrived. It was interesting because when she arrived he greeted her with a smile and ‘hey you’, then a hug. Later on they were kissing and close to each other. Anyway, good for them!

I haven’t mentioned IT guy much before. He’s tall and lanky with a great sense of humour. He always says hi and asks me to dance. I’ve noticed that he has wanted to talk to me each time we see each other out and at the birthday party he came to talk to me a lot. He even mentioned that when he’s reading people’s dating profiles he looks at which Countries they want to go to and is irritated as they’re the ones he’s already been to and doesn’t want to go to again, yet. The fact that he said ‘dating profile’ made me pause – did he say that on purpose?

The Tardy Teacher was there as well. We said hello to each other but didn’t talk much. One of the other girls at the party seemed to be quite interested in him and kept going up to talk to him. I wasn’t going to interrupt their courtship. We danced once or twice and I made sure I didn’t linger. I secretly wished that he’d invite me out again for dinner or coffee.

There’s another guy that I haven’t really mentioned, the one that chased after me out of a party a few weeks ago just to say goodbye. He asked me to dance a few times. I think he likes me. The problem is he is friends with Karate Kid. I know enough about the Bro Code that he’s unlikely to do anything whilst Karate Kid is seemingly interested. This is okay by me as I’m happy to have the intense moments whilst dancing with him and know that nothing will come of it. He’s one of my favourite people to dance with.

When it was time to go I said goodbye to a few people (as in this instance the Cinderella Act would be too rude in an intimate gathering). The Dance Teacher who was rather tipsy said he’d walk me to my car. I was happy for this as chivalry is based on historical necessity – it wasn’t safe for women to be in the dark alone back in the day (and it still really isn’t today to be honest). He thanked me for coming and then asked if he could have a kiss when we got to my car. I said I’d be comfortable kissing him on the cheek. If this guy is really interested in me why doesn’t he just ask me out to dinner?


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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