Time to Wind Back – Entry 64

Dear Diary

So, I cancelled on the Real Estate Agent. Just wasn’t worth my time and energy getting ready to meet a guy half way. Just, not, worth, the, effort. He suggested we reschedule. Seriously? I didn’t reply.

The Musician wanted to organise a catch up too. Again, it was a laborious process with trying to organise an activity, date, time and place….most of it was him asking me what I wanted. Seriously? How about show some initiative and organise something interesting yourself to impress me! We settled on a Sunday afternoon but I didn’t feel like it. The night before he sent me a message asking if it still suited me and what time we should meet. I could feel my eye twitching so texted back the next morning ‘hmmm I think it’s a bit last minute to organise anything hey’. He also suggested that we reschedule and asked which night the following week I was free. I didn’t reply as I didn’t want to organise my own date.

I deleted my account on the undisclosed dating site. I realised that there’s too much stigma attached and that the men on the site are likely not relationship motivated. Not worth the investment of time. Certainly a better idea to look into sites known to be more relationship focused. I’ll do this once I receive my replacement Visa debit card!

Replacement Visa debit card you ask? Yes, there was an unaurthorised transaction on my account. It likely came from a transaction I made online to access land title information of my ex-land lord’s property. You see, to issue a warrant of seizure and sale of property I need this information. Apparently, I can do this instead of going to a court hearing so I’ll see how far I get!

The ex-landlord still has not collected his court summons sitting at the post office in a registered post envelope. I wonder if he knows what’s waiting for him? It’s getting to the stage where I will have to issue him the summons myself. I’ve made plans with my ex housemate to do this next week. I’m really hoping that he collects his mail before then.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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