Dirty Work – Entry 60

Dear Diary

I had the day off work today so caught up with a friend for lunch. Afterwards, I went in to the city to the Court House. I needed to lodge documents so that the saga to get my rental bond money could progress to the next phase. At the Court House they told me that how I had completed the forms was unsatisfactory and that I needed to do it again….let’s be honest, it’s not surprising seeing as I know nothing about legal processes. As the woman at the counter was telling me this an fleeting thought went through my mind – maybe it’d just be easier to burn the loser’s house down….I caught myself thinking this and committed to learning what I needed to learn to be able to fill out the forms appropriately. It may mean learning 101 Law Material, but at least it’s investing in my general development.

The other reason why I had to figure it out myself was that I’d received a notice from the free legal service that I’d been to earlier this month advising me that they were no longer able to assist me due to conflict of interest. The ex-landlord is a current or previous client of theirs, apparently. Fine by me as the assistance wasn’t very assisting.

After visiting the Court House, I went for a ride on my bike along the water edge, a place that I used to ride along most days years ago before I left the city. It felt so nice going back to ride for the first time. Upon my return to my car I had received a message from the real estate guy. He was suggesting coffee on the weekend on the other side of town to me. I was okay with the time and date, but location – seriously? Did it not cross his mind to ask me what was more convenient for me? I was slightly irritated by this inconsideration so replied politely that the location would be difficult for me on that particular day.

I was feeling pretty stressed and frustrated with the court situation and also the depressing dating situation I was in so decided to go and get a tub of ice cream and chocolate to demolish before going dancing that night. After going through the checkout and opening the chocolate on my way to the car I received a text message….from Mr Not-so-average Jo. I was relieved and happy, but also exhausted by the agonising I’d been doing over how the last date could have gone so much better. He said that this weekend was the last weekend his brother was in town for a while and that he would have liked to have seen me if he was free. He suggested I go for trivia in two nights’ time with him (and presumably his friends/brother). It was such a sweet offer but I couldn’t accept nor was comfortable with potentially meeting important people in his life. We agreed that we would arrange something for the following weekend. It feels like a lifetime away, but I am very fond of Mr Not-so-average Jo and am willing to wait.

I went out dancing in the evening also, I just really wanted to let my hair down as it’d been a tough day. I had an amazing time dancing with lots of different men and decided to leave at 10.30pm. On my way out a man of middle-eastern appearance approached me. We had shared one dance together and he seemed very playful. He sat down across from me as I changed my shoes and started asking probing questions. He ascertained quickly that I was single and wanted a dog. He asked me if I wanted children – not sure yet – he then said to me ‘If you want children I can help you with that!’ I laughed in shock – did he really just say that? Yes, that did happen. He then said ‘not right now of course’ he looked as though he was enjoying the dynamics and had his phone out ready to get my number. Noting this, I eloquently said that it was a pleasure meeting him and that I had to leave. He seemed disappointed that I was going, but was accepting of it.

On my way out of the dance party there was a man standing at the traffic lights. I had seen him in the dance party standing to the side. I didn’t notice him dancing with anyone the whole night. When I walked past him at the traffic lights he walked next to me and asked me how I was. I had this bad feeling inside that this could go horribly wrong – he had been waiting for me at the traffic lights. I tried to keep my answers cold and short so he got the point that I wasn’t interested in talking or walking with him. His story was that he had come from South America to study and hopefully find work. His visa was about to run out and he needed to find work still. There was something not quite right about him and I had my guard up the whole time. He kept walking with me to the car lot that I was at and asked me for my number to ‘talk’. I said I wasn’t comfortable with that. He insisted and I had to be more firm and say that I didn’t want to talk and that I had other people to talk with. He insisted again and I again firmly declined the offer and bid him farewell. I entered the stairwell of the car lot and ran up the stairs in case he followed me. Thankfully, he didn’t. It was a sobering experience as things could have gone badly. I wished that I’d asked the other guy to escort me to my car (I could have promised him the naming of our first baby in return for his service, haha!).


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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