The Date with the Musician – Entry 61

Dear Diary

This evening was finally the date with Mr Musician. He picked a part of town that was local for us both. We agreed to meet at 7pm (this is important information). So, I arrive 5 minutes early and wait out the front as that’s what considerate people when meeting someone for the first time. If one decides to go inside they should message the other that they are inside and where they are. At 7.11pm he sends a message to say that he’s inside next to such-and-such. I was very irritated by this point as he was either late, or had been sitting inside and hadn’t sent me a message on arrival. Not. Impressed.

I go inside and find him. He has picked the bar section of the establishment, not the restaurant section. We sit down and he starts asking me questions about me. I was already feeling irritated having been made to wait and then not greeted on the outside like a lady should be – I was not in the mood to start chatting without food or drink. I interrupt his barrage of questions by stating that I was hungry. He said he hadn’t planned on eating.

This is the part where 7pm comes in – it’s standard eating time! If food isn’t included on a date it should be stipulated prior to said date so that female counterpart can organise herself rather than being caught off guard.

I order myself the linguine marinara and he orders himself garlic bread (I get it! Okay! He doesn’t have a job at the moment so doesn’t have the money). At least he could have offered to buy me a drink.

By this stage I’d given up on any potential future dates with this man. We did end up chatting and chatting and he seemed like an alright kind of person. After maybe 1.5 hours I said that I had to go as it was a week night. He walked me to my car (the only gentlemanly thing he did all evening). I wished him luck for his interview the next day and left. I figured I’d never hear from him again and that would make things easier.

The real estate agent also sent a message suggesting somewhere that was on my side of the city (but still not in close proximity). I figured I could work with this and that it really didn’t matter too much anyway as it’d likely be the one and only date.

Oh, by the way, I managed to submit the forms to the Court House the second time round. The court date is in just over a month and I have posted the summons to the ex-landlord. The end is within sight!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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