New ‘Potentials’ – Entry 59

Dear Diary

This past weekend was dedicated to friends and dancing. It was so nice to see my friends again, a married couple who I met two years earlier and attended their wedding. They are so in love that it rekindles the hope I have inside that love can exist for the rest of us. It does perplex me as well that some people find it so easily and are so committed to each other – is it as real as what it seems to an outsider? Let’s just say I’m convinced.

The next evening I went out dancing and decided that I’d go there solely to dance – absolutely no scoping out potential partners. That night I felt like dressing in an understated but beautiful style. A couple of men were seemingly interested in me. One who works in Germany and is visiting on business. He lured me into a false sense of security by approaching me at the sidelines and saying he was wanting me meet friends in the city. I relaxed immediately as I felt that I didn’t have to fend off unwanted attention. As the conversation progressed I realised that he was definitely single and interested. He was fun to dance with but I made sure I left without saying goodbye so that he didn’t have the chance to ask for my number.

The other man that showed attention that night was a quieter dancer who I really enjoy dancing with. Let’s call him IT guy. We generally have a laugh each time we see each other. That night though, he asked a few questions. In particular, when I said that I really wanted a dog and that’d make me happy he asked ‘Really? Is that all you want?’ – Silent mutual pause – I smiled and reiterated that I wanted a dog. He apologised for the second time in two weeks for missing my performance as well. Again, I executed my Cinderella act with precision so not to give him a chance to ask for my number.

Also at the party was Mr Smooth. I failed to mention the other weekend that he was out dancing when Mr Not-so-average Jo took me for the dance party. He’d said hello only and not asked me to dance. At the party on the weekend he did not ask me to dance either. We said hello to each other and asked how the other was. I couldn’t tell if he was at the party with a girl or not. He didn’t seem to be his usual vibrant and extroverted self, but that was none of my business.

On Sunday afternoon, one of the men from speed dating sent me a message for the first time. This is the man that works in real estate. He cut straight to the chase which I really appreciated: Hi Anastasia…I met you at speed dating last week. It was a brief encounter, and I hpe that you had fun too! We should catch up for a coffee sometime this week. Regards, XXXX’. I said it sounded like a nice idea.

There’s still no match from Mr Spark on the undisclosed dating site. Pretty sure it’s safe to say that he is not the slightest bit interested in me. I really shouldn’t be caring as he did friend zone me and that is a serious offense.

No word from Mr Not-so-average Jo. I’m regretting allowing him to take me to that party. It’s never a good idea to take a non-dancer to a dance event as they don’t understand that everyone dances with everyone else and it means nothing.

I’ll be meeting with The Musician one evening during the week. He’s unemployed at the moment so I’m not sure if it’s the best idea to catch up. He has been very persistent though (maybe two months of trying to ask me out?).


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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