Like a Cat with a Ball of Wool – Entry 58

Dear Diary

No message came through overnight from Mr Not-so-average Jo, so I followed through with my original plan – a light hearted hello. In essence, the message read along the lines of: I hope that you’re well and getting through all the work for your business.

I immediately regretted sending the message as I didn’t receive an immediate response! The next 18 minutes were excruciating as I reflected on how sappy I was being sending a polite hello for no other reason than to see if he was still interested in me. I braced myself when his reply message came through….

Hi Annastasia. I’m doing well thanks. Getting through the work, nothing I can’t handle 😉

So….I think that means that I’m still in with a chance?? I mean, he wouldn’t text back so quickly or at all if he wasn’t interested, right? Or was he just being polite? I figured the best move from here was to not text him again until I hear from him on his own accord. His message did not require a reply and my message has sent a small green light signal showing my continued interest in him.

And yes, you’re correct. He spelled my name wrong and has been doing so since we started messaging. If we keep spending time together I’ll eventually tell him, at this stage I don’t mind so much. He does seem to spell things incorrectly quite a bit. I have a feeling he is one of those people who weren’t good at school but thrive in the business world. I’m fine with that as I can teach our children how to read and write.

So, it seems like my ‘friends’ tactic for the speed dating evening is working. So far I have heard from three of the five that I selected.

The ex-supermarket manager sent me through a message almost immediately after the matches were released. His message prompted me to recall that he’s now studying acupuncture and setting up his own business with this skill (why couldn’t he have chosen massage?). He’s asked what I’m doing this weekend and I’ve said that I’m busy with friends – a lady does not wait idle and needs a few more days notice if she’s going on a date!

The Nordic man sent a message through later in the day. His message was in broken English but he was cheerful that he had my contact number. He also asked if I’d like to meet for lunch the next day, but I was rostered for work. So I wished him a nice day and closed the conversation. He’d have to try again in the next week with more notice.

The third man I was surprised to have heard from. Out of all the men at the speed dating event, he seemed to be the sneaky player type. Tall, dark, handsome, well-dressed and confident – a dangerous combination. When we had our 5 minute speed date session he had skilfully dodged my question three times as to what he did for a living. I felt that this was on purpose as he wanted to keep up the mysterious demeanour. On the evening, I’d resided to the fact that I essentially did not care enough about getting to know this stranger to force the information out of him. A lady has dignity, after all. His message was true to form: Captivating eyes : )

I’ll wait a few days before replying to him. I’ve had a bit of experience dealing with players in my time. I’ve found that you need to string them out and not to bend to their wants. They fall by the wayside very quickly and it requires minimal emotional effort.

Karate Kid did send me through a message overnight. As per usual, an annoying, senseless, rhetorical message that one could choose to ignore or respond to depending on how they felt. He really is a time waster. I did send a message back to give him an opportunity to ask me out. His response was not worth the battery power on my phone to read, so I cut the conversation short.

Let’s see what opportunities arise in the coming days.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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