Noisy Silence – Entry 55

Dear Diary

No word from Mr Not-so-average Jo. He did say that he had a very busy week this week with deadlines and paperwork for his business. I wonder if he will ever contact me again. I don’t know when would be an appropriate time to text him…obviously not this week as he’s busy. Maybe next week? But then I may look like I’m waiting to hear from him and prompting him (like with Mr Policeman….that attempt died in the water). Maybe in two or three weeks? But then he obviously isn’t interested in me and may be dating someone else which could be embarrassing for me. I’ll sit with it for a few more days, hopefully he contacts me soon.

The rest of the weekend was interesting. The group dinner was lots of fun. I moved seats three times during the evening to be able to talk with everyone. I ended up next to Karate Kid at the end and we practically flirted the whole time. I don’t know why I like him to be honest. He’s kind of cute, but in an ugly way. He’s not fit and always wears daggy clothes. But he’s playful and I appreciate that. He suggested that we could have gone to see one of the new movies out, but that I’d already seen it. He also suggested a potential date option, but didn’t ask me out. I think I gave him too much time that evening. The poo-head also claimed to have video-recorded me eating which is ammunition for blackmail. As for if it’s true, I don’t know. He asked which I was making for the group lunch the following day which he may attend briefly as he had a birthday party to attend. He said that my salad was not likely enough to spark his interest to attend. He didn’t end up going to the group lunch, just sent a message saying that my salad wasn’t tempting enough.

On the undisclosed dating site that I’m using currently there have been two developments. One, I have matched with an ex-colleague that I’ve seen online before but have always ignored. He has just moved back to the city and must have broken up with his girlfriend within the past six months. Maybe it might lead somewhere. At least I know this one is a nice guy.

The other development is that Mr Spark has come up as an option on the dating site. This could mean that he’s interested in me again. The only way to find out is to say yes and see what happens….but that could be awkward as well as then he knows that I’m still interested. Technically, he could just contact me on Facey if he really wanted to, or send me a message if he hasn’t deleted my number (like I did his…). I’ll ponder on it and decide in the morning.

Good night!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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