The Third Date – Entry 54

Dear Diary

Last night I had the third date with Mr Not-so-average Jo. It was a peculiar night in that I don’t know where we now stand.

He suggested dancing at a place I hadn’t been to in a long time. I knew he couldn’t dance but felt that with the casual environment it could work out and that I dance with other people and he watches.

The evening commenced with him picking me up from my place. He’d planned to catch a train part-way to the city. I was a little hesitant with this idea originally as it meant I’d have to pay for my own travel and that I may get wet if it rained (pet hate). I went along with it anyway as he had planned it out well. The train ride in would be much cheaper than parking if I drove myself too…..

On the way he showed me where he worked and the property that his family owned close to the train station. At the train station there were signs up saying that travel was free for the day! So we got on the next train to the city without getting tickets. At the main station we noticed that people were still using their transport cards and tickets….as we approached the exit I spoke to the lady ticket inspector and explained that the station we got on had signs up saying that travel was free for the day. She said that the signs were up for tomorrow and that we could just go through free of charge. On our way out of the station a rat darted across the pathway startling the women in front of us. The rat then started scurrying towards me! I started jumping and squealing and ended up hanging off Not-so-average Jo’s arm! I realised quickly what I was doing, let go and dusted myself off resuming my reserved demeanour. He thought it was funny.

For a 7PM date, I generally assume food included. My Father always tells me to never assume. It was really awkward when he asked if I wanted to drink and I said I couldn’t drink and dance or without food in my stomach. He asked if I’d eaten and I said that I’d had a snack after work….he had eaten half a box of Thins so wasn’t hungry. We looked at a menu at a nearby cafe per his suggestion but nothing took my attention. I was also acutely aware that I’d be eating alone whilst he watched me and then be dancing soon after. I aborted the idea and we went to the bar nearby where I had water and he had a beer.

On train ride in, he’d told me that his brother and his girlfriend would likely be at the same event that evening. I thought that was a bit strange, but could also work in my favour as I wouldn’t have to play babysitter for the night.

At the bar nearby the dancing, a dance friend of mine saw me and started coming over. I told Not-so-average Jo that I’d know a few people there as I go out dancing a lot. I automatically greeted my male friend with a kiss on the cheek (as that’s what we all do on the dance scene) and poor Not-so-average Jo seemed uncomfortable. I introduced them both and it was a little awkward as my male friend asked me how I was going and poor Not-so-average Jo didn’t know what to say or do. I tried to include him in the conversation but it was disjointed. Eventually the male friend left and we got ready for the intro dance class.

The rest of the dancing night was strange as I would dance with other men (greeting some with a kiss on the cheek and hug). Mr Not-so-average Jo watched on and looked after my handbag. I was hoping that his brother and girlfriend would turn up to keep him company, but they never came. When slower music came on I took pity on him and taught him some dance moves. I never do that as I like to dance when I’m at parties – if beginners want to learn they should do classes! I just went with it and he did relatively well for a first-timer.

As the night went on I was feeling awkward so said I was tired and wanted to leave. I think he was surprised (but in my mind I said ‘that’s what happens when you haven’t eaten a proper meal!’). We walked back to the train station and he said a couple of times that he’d like to learn more and do it again. I never agreed or disagreed to the idea. Silently I was thinking that I wasn’t prepared to be his dance teacher. I was upset as well as there is an apparent trend that these men I meet online want me to teach them how to dance for free. No!

From our discussions on the trip home I concluded that he was very tight with money and extremely hard working. He says he sleeps on average three hours per night….that’s not compatible with life in Anastasia-land. I tried to imagine what things would be like living with him….no time for evening or morning snuggles, he’d never be home to spend time with me or the children. But could I live with that? He seems like a solid, reliable person.

I laughed very hard when he pointed out a car park that his Uncle Mario would take them go-karting when he was younger. He said it was a shame that he didn’t have an Uncle Luigi. The play on names lead to him bringing up his friends’ kid’s names. He then told me the type of names he’d like for his children….I didn’t really comment on the topic. I honestly wasn’t sure what to say (that I liked the names that he was suggesting?!? – way too awkward). I’d be yarning since we got on the train so I think I could be excused for not getting involved in the conversation.

When he dropped me home we both said that we had a nice night but he didn’t suggest we meet again. I felt a bit strange at the end as I wasn’t sure what to make of the whole experience. Would he ever take me out for a meal again? I honestly couldn’t tell you if he’ll ever contact me again….I thought about Karate Kid and that at least I knew he was keen.

On a positive note, at least I made it to date number three!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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