Nothing Awkward to See Here People – Entry 56

Dear Diary

So, I decided to take a leap of faith and ‘like’ Mr Spark on the undisclosed dating site…..long pause and no match…..this means one of two things:

  1. He selected the ‘dislike’ option (he did technically sentence me to the Friend Zone)
  2. He hasn’t been online yet and could potentially select ‘like’

No more word from ex-work colleague on undisclosed dating site….

No word from Mr Not-so-average Jo….who could still be busy with his business. But who may also no longer be interested in me.

No word from Karate Kid…why, why, why do I care?

So, the BIG question that I have been creatively avoiding for so long – do I need/want a man in my life? Let’s flesh this out:


Potential for unwavering and unconditional love

Ability to have a family (and pet dog!)

Live with my best friend



Divorce rates are high

Potential for loss of money or assets in the event of aforementioned divorce

I may be left as a single parent (= hard life)

Potential that in-laws may be horrible

Potential for relationship to be looooong term and miss the boat for children

Potential for relationship to fail before marriage and may have missed the real ‘Mr Right’

Potential that the guy may be an alcoholic, abusive or compulsive gambler


Other food for thought:

Do I want a partner or children more?

Do I actually want children?

Do I even need a partner to have children? I mean, it could happen this week if I wanted it to…

Is defacto relationship more suited to me? But then will I potentially lose money/assets if the relationship fails?

Conclusion: I need more time to think this over.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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