Peace Offering – Entry 51

Dear Diary

As it turns out, the presentation is scheduled for next week – There was a miscommunication – Not impressed. But also it’s okay as at least I’m prepared. Sometimes we have to look on the bright side.

I ended up replying to Karate Kid’s message. Rather than confronting him for being a douche I decided to be friendly and nonthreatening as he’d respond better. The rationalisation was that we will have to see each other again as we have so many mutual friends and share common interests. So, I went with: So you forgive me! Haha

Without missing a beat he replied: I want to spank you.

Okay….I don’t know how to deal with this situation. I just want to have an adult, non-sexual conversation with this man. It took me the rest of the day to build up to replying to his message. I decided on: KK, we don’t always get what we want. You’ll have to learn to live with it.

He promptly replied with: Is that so? I want a hot shower and a bed besides the window to listen to the rain….I think I get that soon….

I had business to attend to so decided not to reply. I had organised a free legal advice appointment to follow up getting my bond back. It’s been a number of months, but I’m as dedicated as ever to getting it back. So much so, that even if I spend more money than the amount owed to prove a point I will. The legal advice was somewhat helpful giving me some more background information. It won’t change how I approach the next step – applying for an enforcement hearting unrepresented. This stuff is getting serious! If the alcoholic landlord doesn’t cooperate he could end up with a warrant for his arrest. I’m quietly hopeful that he remains uncooperative….

After my appointment I replied to Karate Kid: That sounds like a nice way to spend the evening. Hope you enjoy.

He then replied: Well I have some free time coming up later…let me know if you still want to hang out.

What??? I don’t understand how this man thinks. Why can’t he bypass the nonsense texts and get to the point at the start? Anyway, I decided to sleep on it as my image of him was beginning to tarnish. It is hard to comprehend how he can be such a doting and loyal friend to others, but such a weirdo to me? I mean, who repeatedly says that they want to spank you?

I did a bit of reflecting. I was convinced that he would be a good provider and committed partner. Besides, we would have cute babies if we ever got married. I guess it’s a good thing that he’s frisky as ‘playtime’ would always be on the cards for the duration of a marriage. I’d probably have to fend him off with a stick most of the time, but could manage that – I’d never be able to bend over with a short skirt on in his presence – I may need to sleep wearing a chastity belt – at least my needs would be met when I felt like it. He’d likely be a good father as well. He seems like a hard worker with a steady job. He could also teach the children another language, something I believe is very important. All I want to know right now is if he is capable of treating me well as a partner. Perhaps, all the awkwardness is him expressing his attraction to me and it just needs to be redirected into acceptable behaviour? Like complimenting me, taking me out to dinner, hugging and kissing me, holding my hand, making me laugh, you know – normal stuff!

The next morning I begrudgingly sent: ‘We could attempt organising something again’. What I really wanted to say was ‘Only if you start being nice to me. Also, I don’t do casual catchups.’ I did have this in draft but deleted it as I felt that was a bit too demanding. I could address these points later on.

It took him half a day to respond. Before he had though, to my delight Mr Not-so-average Jo had asked if I’d like to go out this weekend! We agreed on Friday night and that we would go out for dinner and dancing. Done deal. An hour later Karate Kid replied asking if I was free on Friday! The irony is hilarious as Mr Not-so-average Jo beat him to the punch line last time as well. They do say that the early bird gets the worm. Karate Kid will be at a dinner I’m going to on Saturday night with mutual friends. I’m not sure if he’ll try to organise something just one-on-one.

The Musician has asked me when I’m free for a catch up. I literally don’t have a spare evening this week. Just Sunday! But I want that to myself.

No word from Mr Farmer. I wonder if he’s okay? He was doing a triathlon the weekend after our first date. Perhaps, something happened to him during it? Or, maybe he’s just not that interested in me.

No word from Latin Bodybuilder. Technically, it is my turn to respond, but it’s been too long and he should send another message if he wants to see me.

When I signed into my online dating account there were messages from a couple of guys in the pipeline asking if I was free for this coming weekend. I really need to work out a better system for controlling the flow of matches. It’s like a long hose connected to a tap and the tap is turned on and off haphazardly instead of left at a steady, manageable stream.

No sign of Mr Dashing in over a week. It mustn’t be too long before he comes back to my department.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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