Speed-Dating Flashbacks – Entry 52

Dear Diary

Well, today was actually all quiet on the Western front. No messages from any stinky boys. Mr Not-so-average Jo hasn’t texted with details like he said he would. Maybe he’s busy?

I guess there was one development. One of my colleagues that I worked with for about six or so weeks a little while ago asked if they could add me to Facey. They’d actually asked me about a month ago but the request never came through. I figured that they only said it out of kindness to appear as though they’d like keep in touch. We are now officially friends on Facey…will be interesting to see if he ends up sending a message.

One of my girlfriends has suggested that we go speed-dating. Initially, I was very resistant to the idea as it brought flashbacks of my previous experience. Seeing as today there is a lull in boy news I will elaborate on those previous experiences…..

The speed-dating evening was intensive and left me feeling dazed. I couldn’t quite remember all the men I’d met that evening as there were about 16 or so! There were a few that I liked the sound of and hoped that they liked me enough for us to match. There was one skinny guy that I really liked as he was cute, but we didn’t end up matching. I think it was because he said he was vegetarian and I asked if he ate fish….which it turned out he did. There was an awkward moment before the conversation moved on to the next general topic of discussion.

From memory, there were four matches from the evening. The first one I really liked the sound and look of. Don’t ask me what he did, but it was something professional. We met for dinner at a nice restaurant and the conversation was boring from my point of view. He spoke a lot about his interests which I didn’t share. When we spoke about mine near the end he didn’t really get excited with the topic. At the end of the night he even summarised the evening saying that the conversation was great up until the end (which was when we spoke about my interests!). At least he was a gentleman and paid for my meal. I never heard from him again.

The second one seemed cautious and intelligent. Again, I don’t recall what he did as this was a few years ago. We met at a trendy restaurant in an upbeat part of the city. When we sat down inside the first thing he said to me was ‘So, we’re going dutch, right?’. It was in that instant that I decided there was no way I’d be seeing this person again and that I’d be polite and stay for the meal and light conversation, then leave. The conversation turned out to be really interesting. At the end when it was time to pay he panicked when we both had cards and no cash. I told him not to worry and took over the situation. I asked the waiter if they could split the bill and they said it was possible. The waiter asked if I’d like it 50/50 or itemized. Knowing that his meal was more expensive and that he’d ordered a drink I naturally chose to pay for just the item I had consumed. Afterwards, we walked a few blocks together towards my car and the train station (for him). He said he had a nice time and kissed me on the cheek goodbye. I wished him a goodnight (and also that I’d never see him again).

The third one was very confident and smooth. He had a larger than average nose, but still was attractive in my eyes. He introduced me to an amazing restaurant that is still one of my favourites to this day. We had a delightful evening and I must say that I enjoyed his company. He walked me to my car after dinner, but on the way he was very cheeky and grabbed my hand. I felt it was a bit awkward on the first date and I was also embarrassed that someone I know may see me. Not wanting to offend him I allowed him to hold my hand. When we got to my car he stopped me and tried to give me a kiss. I turned my head to the side so the kiss landed on my cheek. He asked why I turned away and I said that I don’t kiss boys on the first date. He respected that and asked to see me again. We did catch up one more time but I can’t even remember where, only that it ended just as awkwardly as the first (and without a kiss as I thought he was a player).

The fourth, well, best saved until last as they say, right? It’s a bit of a longer story, so I will leave it for another night for you.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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