A Tangled Web – Entry 48

Dear Diary

Things are getting a bit crowded. One might say suffocating. My chats online are culminating into a bottle neck of date invitations. There isn’t enough time in the week to possibly fit them all in!! I’ve been slowing them down as much as possible to stagger them out but it’s all coming at once.

There is the television network guy that I mentioned before. He’s not beating around the bush. He wants to know date and time that we can meet. I told him the Southside was too far for me to travel during the week so he has suggested somewhere closer to me. He has been patient with me and seems interested.

Then there’s the Electrician who seems really sweet and laid back. He’s been unwell recently so we weren’t able to catch up. I’ve also delayed meeting up until now. He’s asked for the third time if I’d be interested in dinner. I think it’s getting to the point where we should meet.

There’s a Doctor who seems witty and clever. He asked me how I felt about coffee and wine. I said that I thought coffee tasted horrible and that wine could be nice at times. He suggested we meet for a drink and I said that I never drink without eating. He then suggested dinner and I said that I much prefer food over coffee and alcohol. He asked if that meant ‘yes’ and which area do I live.

There was another nice guy who I can’t remember what he does now. He managed to get my number and asked me over a week ago if I’d like to catch up. I didn’t reply and today he sent me a message that read ‘Guess not. All the best.’ It made me feel really rotten on the inside, but he had a point, I had no intention of replying. I don’t really feel attracted to blonde guys, I can’t help it.

The Musician has cornered me down to meeting this Sunday. We haven’t agreed on a time yet. He thinks we should meet ‘somewhere between’ where we live….why are men so damn lazy these days? If he wants to do that the catch up will be very brief as I have things to do and places to be.

Karate Kid also sent an annoying message. He pointed out that he’d specified Sunday night in his original text. Dear Diary, if you can’t tell, I’m already at my limit with nonsense messages coming from this guy. I replied to him that I acknowledged the error, had apologised already, that I didn’t know what more I could say, and sorry again. What irritates me the most is that he takes no responsibility for leaving the organising until the last minute. I still don’t fully understand if his intentions are honest or questionable. I don’t think he’s ever given me a compliment, that’s not a good sign. It still haunts me that a mutual friend asked if I was going home with him on the weekend….what’s Karate Kid been telling people? Or is the flirting so obvious that I need to disappear for a while?

So the above is bothering me a bit as I have a few things planned and finite energy. It’d be nice to meet them and have our one-and-only date like most of the other people I’ve spoken about in the blog, but it’s just so much effort for such small yield when I’m stretched for time. I don’t know how much longer that I can string them out for.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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