He. Spoke. To. Me. – Entry 44

Dear Diary

This week has been a wonderful week at work. I have enjoyed seeing Mr Dashing most days, assisting him with work-related duties and our occasional exchange of smiles in the hallway. I love saying his name when I have to speak to him.

I find Mr Dashing very sexy. He’s tall with broad shoulders, narrow waist, firm bottom and muscular triceps. I am sure he looks amazing without clothes on. He’s got black, wavy hair and melting English accent.

Dating 101 has taught me that a guy doesn’t approach a girl unless he likes her. In a work setting it is different as men and women are required to converse. The secret in knowing is paying attention to the topic of discussion he approaches you with:

  • If it’s always purely work and it’s immediately relevant than he’s not interested.
  • If it’s personal and he’s talking about his significant other he’s not interested.
  • If he mentions his Ex or admits to liking someone else he’s not interested
  • If he approaches you about something that’s not really necessary, but are kind of in your field, is a good sign
  • If he asks you questions about you he’s definitely interested

Today Mr Dashing came and sat beside me. As he articulated his question I leaned on my elbow and looked at his dreamy eyes (trying to look interested and not creepy, of course). His question was regarding something I could potentially assist him with, but not in my immediate job description and not remotely related to any task I’d be involved in. He has other people of my job title that could assist him where he predominantly works. I explained that I had access to the information that he was after, but that it would be labour-intensive for me to assist in the endeavour. I hinted that it could be possible, but that it wasn’t in my realm to assist. He was soon interrupted and I took the opportunity to leave and tend to my usual duties. When I returned he’d left for the day.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s the slight chance that he may be interested in me? I mean, why would he ask me such a random thing? He could have asked other people. But maybe I was just the first person that he came across and thought he’d try his luck. I could be creating a fairy tale in my head….I just really, really like him. I jump to attention whenever I know he’s in the vicinity and make sure that I’m extra polite when interacting with others in case he overhears.

At least he’s nice to daydream about when my mind in idle. I’ve always been a believer in that happy thoughts are good for the soul. They may be delusional thoughts, but they are happy thoughts nonetheless.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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