The Performance Night – Entry 45

Dear Diary,

Tonight was the night of the performance that I’ve been rehearsing for the past few months. A couple of things happened in the lead to my arrival.

I’d spent the day daydreaming about Mr Dashing, looking at units to buy and rehearsing. I’d resided to the high possibility that Karate Kid wouldn’t get in contact and that it would likely be a last minute cancel or half-hearted effort to coordinate something.

Two hours out from the performance I receive a message from Mr Not-so-average Jo. He said he was at ‘the marquis’ and to let him know if I was having trouble finding the place. I checked our conversation history and we’d definitely agreed to meeting tomorrow night…. A wave of empathetic embarrassment washed over me. I wonder how long he’d been waiting at the mini putt putt place for me? He probably thought I was a horrible person. I decided that I’d need to break one of my rules and called him immediately to break the news.

Initially, he seemed cool and collected over the phone. Without sounding judgemental I explained that we were meeting tomorrow night. The poor darling must have felt so silly. He reverted back to his nervous talking that I recall from our first date. To guide the situation and show it didn’t bother me that he’d got the days confused I said that I was really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night and asked if it was still on. He bumbled out a few words but did say that tomorrow night was fine. He must have been in shock from the embarrassment, hardly being able to string a sentence together. I said a second time that I was really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night.

I felt that I damage controlled that situation rather well. My heart goes out to the sweetheart! He must have been so excited to see me again that he got the days confused. I really hope that he’s feeling okay, it must be mortifying. On the bright side – at least I know he wasn’t out with another girl tonight ; )

About half an hour later I received a text from Karate Kid. Tongue-in-cheek as always, he said he was feeling tired and might fall asleep during the performance, and that, yes, tomorrow was still on. I decided not to reply as he’d not given a time or location. This really wasn’t working out.

At the party he danced with me a few times and a lot of people were watching us…. I felt that he must have told them that something was kindling between us – not cool! I kept a healthy distance from him for most of the evening. The dance instructor also asked me to dance once. He was very impressed with my performance. The Lawyer that I mentioned a while ago was nowhere to be seen. I have an inkling that the girlfriend wasn’t going to allow him to attend my performance unless hell froze over first. Mr Spark didn’t go, probably a good thing. The Tardy Teacher was there but too intimidated to ask me to dance, perhaps?

When Karate Kid eventually asked me to dance again he didn’t bring up the date so I wasn’t going to.  Luckily, I’d gone with a girlfriend to the party, as he and one of his friends suggested that I may be going home with him that evening…..what?! Time to ditch these glass slippers and execute my signature move – the Cinderella Act, stat.

When I got home I replied to his message. I asked if there was a plan as I had a few things on the following day. No response. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, shall we Diary.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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