Well, Hello Again – Entry 42

Dear Diary

No word from Karate Kid on plans for Sunday yet. Sometimes when women are too forward it does scare men away. I’m very aware that this could happen in my situation.

In other news, usually I don’t allow my eyes to wander at work as I keep my workplace clean. There is a particular ‘Specimen’ who has caught my attention whenever he’s in the room. It was a few months back that our paths crossed. You may remember him as Mr Dashing? All the eye candy I needed to keep my blood sugar up during shifts, hehe. Well, he disappeared a few months ago as he was deployed to a different city. I knew that I wouldn’t see him upon his return as I would change departments in the meantime. I figured it was okay at the time as he was one of those rare threats to my workplace-dating rules. Well, as fate would have it, our paths have crossed again. He will be working occasionally in my area, and I must say I am over the moon!

The highlight of my working day today was when I had to talk to him regarding a work-related issue. It was a sensible issue to bring to his, and only his, attention. I hoped that after the interaction he may begin to develop a collegial rapport for me. Previously, when we had worked in the same area we never needed to talk, so I’d just admire him. But now I will have to talk to him regularly.

No word from Mr not-so-average Jo, Mr Farmer, nor (and thankfully) from Mr Sunday. I imagine not-so-average Jo is busy with his business and it could possibly be that he wasn’t that interested in me and was being polite at the end of the date. Mr Farmer, well, I have confidence that I’ll hear from him again as he’s preparing for his triathlon this coming weekend and I just have that inkling.

I don’t know who’d be best for me in all honesty. Things could get complicated if Karate Kid wants to make things official. One should not count their eggs before they hatch either…I’m getting too far ahead of myself now.

Online I’ve recently matched with a couple of guys who seem rather nice. It’s good to have fresh water flowing through the river.


Image: [Jana Gouthova] © 123RF.com

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