The Reply – Entry 41

Dear Diary

I was a little anxious for the day as I wasn’t sure how Karate Kid would respond, or if he’d respond at all. It would have been so much easier if I didn’t have to see him again and if I could just ignore the text and do a complete Cinderella Act forever after.

A couple of hours after my breaking-every-rule-in-the-dating-bible essay that morning, he replied. I delayed opening it until I felt I’d prepared myself enough. Bracing myself I read the reply:

Dear Anastasia

I thought we were joking and bantering around. I didn’t take offense to any of it. Also don’t take my silly girl comment too seriously either :p

There are some things I like about you. You seem like a fun and adventurous girl.

Let’s hang out….I want to know more about this nice girl. J I want to know your dreams, childhood, things that scare and excite you for example. So when are you free? 🙂

 ……whaaaaaaaat? I mean WHAT? WHAT THE HECK?! He was just joking?!? The whole time he was just joking!!? Who does that? I missed out on hours of beauty sleep over nothing?! And now I’ve shown my cards and he knows I like him! Whaaaaat! And only ‘some things’ he likes about me – what’s with that? Why didn’t he say ‘lots of things’? Not impressed. Unless, he’s playing it cool and trying not to seem too interested. I must admit the last paragraph softened me a bit…..

It took me a few hours to process. Eventually I replied with:

Dear [Insert real name here]

You’re such a poo.



P.s. When did you have in mind?

It looks like we will be catching up on Sunday!


Image: [Jana Gouthova] ©

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